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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 120 days (-60 days more than average)
27 May 2008
29 May 2008
29 May 2008
02 Jun 2008
24 Sep 2008
03 Oct 2008
120 days
30 Nov -0001
02 Oct 2008
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Posted by hopingforHSMP
25 Sep 2008 #1
get your documents picked up by mbe. they picked mine up within an hour. after the pickup call them on the usual number and ask for decision. they won't tell you before they are picked up. good luck!
Posted by Preprem
25 Sep 2008 #2
It took me 15 mins to get to talk to one of the officers at this number 0114 207 4074

He said he could not tell me the result....

anyone has another number to check the result? Its Friday tomorrow so I will know the result next week.
Posted by hopingforHSMP
25 Sep 2008 #3
dont worry... they would not tell me the result... like i have said... email mbe... ask them to pick up your documents... and once they have... HO will tell you the result... arrange for mbe to pick them up today... and if thats not possible... ask them to pick it up first thing tomorrow in the morning...
they did not tell me the result either... until my documents had left them... i called them three times...
to be very honest... your case may have been a straiight forward one... and those type dont take long to approve... i am sure yours would be approved... do keep me posted... best of luck...
Posted by Preprem
25 Sep 2008 #4
Thanks so much hopingforHSMP. Now good luck with your visa app.

I have emailed and called MBE an hour ago and they said they would get back to me by email.

will check with them tomorrow again.
Posted by Preprem
26 Sep 2008 #5
25/9 confirm with MBE about the date and time to collect my document then inform HO that MBE would collect 26/9 at 2pm

26/9 HO sent me an email at 7.22am (their time) saying that "Thank you for this information" so I informed MBE to collect my docs. MBE sent an email saying that they could not pick up my stuff coz HO did not know about it. so I resent email to HO saying that MBE could collect my docs on Monday at 2pm. I gave HO a call and they still dont have the record of MBE to collect my docs and they still dont let me know the result. I will wait until Monday.

MBE said that they get this all the time, of every 10 items they have to pick up at least 6 will not be there, and when they go 24 hours later, they have them. The 2 popular excuses are: They haven’t been told about the pickup by the applicant, or they can’t find it.
Posted by Preprem
30 Sep 2008 #6
30/9/08 sent an email to MBE asking about the collection of my document as they said on Friday (26/9) that they would pick it up on Monday (29/9). MBE did go there at 2pm today (30/9) and sent an email to me. I called HO and waited for 20 min and the lady there told me that its been approved :)))

I now just have to wait for the document.

Now its time to decide when to go for an EC.

wish you all luck.
Posted by eddo
25 Jan 2010 #7
Hi Preprem

If you get your hsmp visa stamped on your passport, why do you need to apply for entry clearance? Please advise me because I am going through the same process and don't know if entry clearance is necessary. By the way I am applying from Chicago, USA.

Posted by Preprem
25 Jan 2010 #8
Hi Akadet,

it was the old system. Probably up to late 2008(?), we had to apply for the HSMP approval letter from the homeoffice in the UK first. Once they granted you the letter, you used it to apply for the visa/EC at the UK embassy (via VFS in Bangkok). The good thing is that I could delay my travel to come to the UK as the HSMP approval letter was valid for 6 months and when I applied for the visa/EC, I could defer my travel up to 3 months. so my HSMP was granted in Sep08, my visa started mid April09.

with your case, you just send all of your supporting doc to the UK embassy...one stop service.

choke dee
Posted by eddo
25 Jan 2010 #9
Hi Preprem

Thank you kub for your respond. So you are currently living in UK on HSMP visa?
Posted by Preprem
25 Jan 2010 #10
yeah...i am living in the UK and getting bored now :(

I shoud have applied for the Australian visa (PR). The grass is always greener on the other side.

Posted by eddo
26 Jan 2010 #11
Hi Preprem

I have one more question, please advise I would like to travel to some EU countries, do you recommend me to apply for Schengen visa here in usa (however, if in usa I don't know exact date yet when to travel) or would I be just fine to apply for Schengen visa in UK on my hsmp visa?

Thanks kub
Posted by Preprem
26 Jan 2010 #12
I guess you hold a Thai passport...I applied for schengen visas so many years ago so some of the rules might have changed.
I dont know what your circumstance is in the US , say that you are working so there would be no problem for you to get an employment letter. However, you need to send them with your flight booking confirmation, hotel booking, travel insurance etc. so you cannot just apply for the visa in advance. you'd better apply it once you become a UK resident.

Having said that, a few months ago, I was thinking of applying for the visa to go to France. I checked for info from this website http://www.ambafrance-uk.org/Postal-application.html and found that I did not belong to any category coz I was unemployed! I did not have an employment letter at that time and I found French embassy เรื่องมากสุดๆ ตั้งแต่อดีตยันปัจจุบันและคงจะเลยไปถึงอนาคต คือเคยไปขอผ่านสถานฑูตฮอลแลนด์ ไม่ต้องขอใบยืนยันตั๋วเครื่องบินหรือทีพักเลย แต่ที่พี่ขอผ่านฮอลแลนด์นั้นมันสิบกว่าปีแล้ว เขาคงเปลี่ยนข้อมูลแล้วละ ทางที่ดีเช็คกับเวปไซค์ของสถานฑูตที่น้องคิดว่าจะไปอีกที สมมติว่าได้วีซ่า HSMP และมาขอเชงเก้นที่นี่แล้ว ก็ระวังตอนผ่าน ตม ของที่นี่อีกที อย่าลืมว่าวีซ่า HSMP มันมีวัตถุประสงค์คือมาหางานทำที่นี่ อย่าให้ ตม คิดว่าเรามา
Posted by eddo
26 Jan 2010 #13
Thank you very much kub pee for your valuable advices. Let's just hope that I will get hsmp and find a good job in uk then for now. I got several job responses na kub, however they turned me down right away before proceed for further interviews because of working visa a kub. May I ask dai mai kub wa Pee tum ngaun arai kub. For me Pom looking for civil engineerig jobs in London or if possible for teaching job kub.
Posted by Preprem
26 Jan 2010 #14
อยู่เมืองไทยพี่ทำงานบัญชี ทำมาสิบกว่าปีแล้ว พอเบื่องานเลยหาเรื่องมานี่ คะแนนที่สมัครมาก็ฉิวเฉียดเพราะอายุเกิน เศรษฐกิจที่นี่ก็แย่ตั้งแต่ก่อนมา หางานยากมากๆๆ เพราะงานด้านบัญชีที่นี่ มันคอยจะเน้นว่าต้องมีประสบการณ์ทำงานที่อังกฤษด้วย นี่ได้งาน admin ก็บุญแล้ว กะว่าเบื่อก็จะกลับเมืองไทยแล้ว
มีน้องผู้ชายอีกคนที่เจอกันที่ trackitt นี่ก็เป็น engineer เหมือนกัน ด้านไหนจำไม่ได้ เขาได้วีซ่ามาจากเมืองไทย แต่เขายังไม่มาเลย
ขอให้ได้วีซ่าเร็วๆละกัน มีไรก็ถามมา ตอบได้ก็จะช่วยตอบนะ prepremc@ย้าฮู.com

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