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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 119 days (-59 days more than average)
20 Mar 2008
25 Mar 2008
01 Apr 2008
03 Apr 2008
17 Jul 2008
25 Jul 2008
119 days
30 Nov -0001
28 Jul 2008

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Posted by Rupa
17 Jul 2008 #1
Any one has an update on applications reached on 25thMar?
Posted by sudheer1982888
17 Jul 2008 #2
hi rupa, did u get any mail from HO ?
Posted by Rupa
17 Jul 2008 #3
Hi sudheer,
Yes I did get the mail yesterday saying that the application is still under consideration. This is the reply I got from them. What abt u? when did ur application reach them?
Posted by sudheer1982888
17 Jul 2008 #4
hi Rupa,
my application has reached HO on 3rd of march'08, did u call to HO any time ?
u can mail me on [email protected]
Posted by ipsingh
28 Jul 2008 #5
Hi Rupa,

Any update for your application. you might have got approval as per date.

Posted by Rupa
28 Jul 2008 #6
Hi Indra,
I did get an approval on Thursday and my docs on Friday. They said, they have dispatched the docs on 17th of july. How abt you? Do you have any info on EC? Like, can we apply for jobs before EC?

Posted by ipsingh
28 Jul 2008 #7
I think u can do that. If u have offer in your hand yrs EC will be clear immidiately.

Posted by Tatata
28 Jul 2008 #8
if you got an approval already, then please update your file here. Thanx!
Posted by ashu27
30 Jul 2008 #9
Congratulations on your HSMP. We are actively seeking IT professionals holding valid HSMP for our client requirements in UK. Please feel free to get in touch on [email protected] for the same.
Posted by ipsingh
27 Aug 2008 #10
Hi Rupa,

I got my papers back with approval. Although later is approval date 01-08-2008 but I got almost after one month. Did u apply for EC. Could you let me know the kind of docs are required for EC.

Posted by ipsingh
31 Aug 2008 #11

Could you please help me regarding
1. HSMP Pro Forma
2. Integra Screen form

I am not able to find out on net . If you have please send me to : [email protected]

Another help I want from u. i don't have the friend in uk so i can not get accomadation proof . how can deal with this.
please reply me asap.

Posted by ipsingh
18 Sep 2008 #12
hi rupa,

i have applied for EC from Bangalore VFS center. do you know? how much time it will take.

Posted by ipsingh
18 Jan 2009 #13
Hi Rupa,

I got EC on 08-Jan-2009 after struggling 3 months. I am now thinking to go by end of march.
keep writing.


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