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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 133 days (-73 days more than average)
13 May 2008
19 May 2008
19 May 2008
19 May 2008
23 Sep 2008
30 Sep 2008
133 days
30 Nov -0001
29 Sep 2008
YESSSS!! Called up today (23rd) and was told my visa is granted this morning and was sent out today!! Used Voyager Relocations. Documents received today, i did my bio stuff on friday (26 Sept) so submitting EC today (30 Sept)!!

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Posted by yp79
14 Sep 2008 #1
Still waiting.......if i can get it before 130 days ill be very happy!
Posted by waitingaussie
22 Sep 2008 #2
Hi YP - the latest update is the 19th May - any news regarding your application? Do keep us posted with (hopefully) good news :-)
Posted by yp79
22 Sep 2008 #3
No nothing yet waitingaussie. I will call them tonight. Im really getting worried about how long the EC in Australia is taking though!
Posted by peteandsoph
23 Sep 2008 #4
dude. just called HO and mine was approved. Call +441142074074. Option 3 for HSMP and then Option 2 for general enquiry. Good luck...
Posted by yp79
23 Sep 2008 #5
Thanks!!!! I just rang them and i found out that my visa was GRANTED!!! YAYYYY! They said they posted it this morning!!
Posted by peteandsoph
23 Sep 2008 #6
same here. awesome! congrats mate!
Posted by em3112
23 Sep 2008 #7
Posted by KiwiDP
23 Sep 2008 #8
Congrats on your approval
Posted by waitingaussie
23 Sep 2008 #9
congrats! all the best with EC mate!
Posted by expo2009
23 Sep 2008 #10
could you please tell me which phone no. you made contact asking your file status? and which option ?
Posted by yp79
23 Sep 2008 #11
As above, Call +441142074074 (ie from australia it is 0011 44 1142074074) Option 3 for HSMP and then Option 2 for general enquiry. Good luck.
Posted by expo2009
23 Sep 2008 #12
thanks yp79
Posted by waitingaussie
24 Sep 2008 #13
Hey YP - thanks for letting me know. I'm not sure if you have found out from BHC, but I had asked the question re: the 7 day bank statement issue on another thread, and the answer I had received was that the 7 days is from the date of the bank statements to the date the application is lodged (i.e. received in hard copy) in Canberra. To be honest, i'll probably make the $10 call to the BHC to confirm...

Have fun at the biometrics scanning tmr!

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