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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 144 days (-84 days more than average)
New Zealand
New Zealand
19 May 2008
23 May 2008
23 May 2008
28 May 2008
10 Oct 2008
20 Oct 2008
144 days
30 Nov -0001
19 Oct 2008
18 Sept - 3 Oct: Still "under consideration". 10 Oct: Decision has been made (although was not told the outcome when I called & emailed) 20 Oct: Opened up the package, and was approved! YAY FOR ME!!!!!

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Posted by beccie4
16 Sep 2008 #1
thanks!good luck!
Posted by beccie4
16 Sep 2008 #2
actually i am a girl collecting letters about this ordeal we have all had to endure for my local MP in nz not sure it will mean much but thought it was worth a try. if you are keen to share your story?
Posted by expo2009
18 Sep 2008 #3
Hi KiwiDP
my file no. is very close to yours , 2617** , i sent them an email a few min. ago asking about my file status.
i was worry about the accent and vocabulary !
I see you , as a native English speaker, were worry for their accent !
so I should not call them !
Posted by venkat1982
18 Sep 2008 #4
Wish u all the best to get it quicker. BTW, Are they giving detail of the case worker once they consider the app? Pls reply?
Posted by ajorme
23 Sep 2008 #5

Thanks mate, am stoked it finally came through. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be a one man rectification job, and that means me calling and bugging them! It is completely their fault though, and they didn't even apologise on the phone. You would think 400 quid and two letters telling them where it should be send would ensure an efficient job. Heck even a monkey can address an envelope.

The woman I spoke to on the phone yesterday said that the caseworker was "positive" that they had addressed it to NZ, even though it has Canada in their system. I'm not convinced. I guess I will just have to wait until Monday/Tuesday to see if it turns up here in NZ. I called Royal Mail yesterday and the guy on the other end was pretty helpful, he reckoned that it will take about 3 days to get to Canada, then they would figure out the address doesn't exist and should it back to the HO within a 5-10 days of that. As long as it doesn't get lost when it returns to the HO on the way back, and they managed to actually correct their system and post it to NZ, then it shouldn't be much of a delay. Still at this stage every week counts as the closer we get to December the less likely it is to get a job over there until the New Year.

As an aside I asked for a replacement letter to be sent. You know what they said? You have to wait 12 weeks. Unbeleivable. I'm going to light some fires under some a$$es when I get there that is for sure. Makes you wonder sometimes whether all the hassle is worth it. The Poms don't care about the old colonies, they'd rather spend it in bed with Europe. Oh well. Now I have vented I feel much better!

All the best with your application KiwiDP, no doubt you will get the good news within a few days. I note from your page that you asked for your caseworker's name. Did you get it? I asked yesterday for my caseworker's details and the woman on the phone said they couldn't pass them on. Interesting...
Posted by kiwigirl
26 Sep 2008 #6
Thanks KiwiDP. Can't be long for yours now either - I really was waiting for yours to come through before I got mine so hang in there!
Posted by ajorme
26 Sep 2008 #7
Opened up the door this morning and there was a nice big horrible yellow coloured envelope from the Home Office. So they got it to the right address on their first go. Suppose I should give them some credit for that. Although my application letter was actually addressed to my old Canadian address. So the question now is to sit back and enjoy a Hawke's Bay summer or head off now to a London getting into winter and the midst of a economic recession. Should be a no-brainer really, but after waiting so long for this I really just want to get on with things. Oh well, am off to Melbourne next week for 10 days so that will give me a chance to think about it. How tough!

I didn't have my docs couriered and they only took five working days (Mon-Sat) so I was quite impressed about that. Seems like a bit more of a mission to have the courier thing sorted, especially if you have to give them your caseworkers name, etc. Still no joy on yours yet eh? Hopefully you will hear some good news on Monday. It is the luck of the draw with the caseworker you get I reckon. They should really update their website re 90% completions within 14 weeks, it's probably more like 0.9% at the moment!

Hope you get the good news soon mate.
Posted by zalex
01 Oct 2008 #8
i have the same situation. my docs were received 28th May.
did yo get any emails from HO? or you just call them?
Posted by Rula
06 Oct 2008 #9
Hey there,

I noticed things have been going slow for you? any new updates? do you have some kind of a special case ? I really hope it all works out soon,

Posted by venkat1982
15 Oct 2008 #10
Hi Kiwi DP,

How are you doing. Any updates for you?
They have sent the approval letter with misspelled name for me. Have to send that again for correction.
Dont know how many days it will take.

I am really worrying about the work bia is doing. They can not reproduce the same name in the application while they can not come to a decision for you.

Praying GOD for you to get your approval soon.
Posted by venkat1982
20 Oct 2008 #11
Congrats. Finally Wow.....
Posted by kiwimark
21 Oct 2008 #12
Congratulations mate. I arrived in London yesterday with no dramas, except it is a bit chilly up here....so make the most of the sun while you're still in NZ!

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