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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 168 days (-108 days more than average)
08 Sep 2008
08 Sep 2008
08 Sep 2008
08 Sep 2008
23 Feb 2009
14 Jan 2009
168 days
30 Nov -0001
24 Feb 2009
Got my visa :)

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Posted by supershree
08 Sep 2008 #1
I have few questions for you, i am planning to apply for Tier 1 Visa and preparing the documents for the same.

I am maintaining minimum balance of 2800 GBP, should i wait for 3 months or do i have any other option if i have to submit the application now.

Also let me know what documents i can sumbit for the following:

1. Age proog
2. Education Proof
3. English
4. Earning Proof
5. Maintenance Proof

Also if you provide your contact details it will be really helpful. Thank you in advance.
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
08 Sep 2008 #2
hi supershree...........as the UK Border Agency keep on frequently changing the conditions, its better to check this website regularly http://www.vfs-uk-in.com/ (if you are applying from India ofcourse)...........there you can download all the actual application forms + read through all the "Guidance documents" first by yourself because that will clarify most of your doubts and thereafter if you have any queries, ucan post it to me or on these forums...........this what i actually did.........good luck..........lost of applications get rejected because of Maintenance funds (2800 GBP for past 3months and latest statement within 7days).........go through the guidance documents completely atleast once.......u will get all the answers........hope this helps
Posted by supershree
08 Sep 2008 #3
Hi prog2004,

thanks for the quick response, i am the main applicant and my wife is dependent applicant.
what is the funds i have to maintain?
Also what will be the application fees?
can both of us go together to UK?
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
08 Sep 2008 #4
as i mentioned earlier, all this information and more is available on the official website http://www.vfs-uk-in.com/.....just follow it and you will be fine
Posted by Sudhir7in
22 Sep 2008 #5
from which VFS did u apply.
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
27 Sep 2008 #6
I have applied from Chandigarh VFS...........how about you ?? where can we find the Current updated processing times of the Tier 1 applications ??
Posted by ukvisa
06 Oct 2008 #7
Hi Prog2004

Any update on your application
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
10 Oct 2008 #8
An update on my Application - Application rejected on 6th Oct 2008 (due to Maintenance Funds). Will be applying for Administrative Review soon.
Posted by Rula
10 Oct 2008 #9
Hi there,

were the funds available in your account for 90 days? or was the refusal due to your bank documents being older than 7 days?

thanks, hope things run smoothly with the review...just been denied,totally upset, heading for a Tier 1
Posted by tarneja
10 Oct 2008 #10

Just wanted to know what are you planning to argue in your administrative review. What was the exact reason for rejection regarding your maintenance funds? They didn't find the funds sufficient? Or they didn't find the documents proper? Or were the documents old?

What supportive documents had you supplied? Bank statements or a letter from the bank?
Posted by vijaykvr
10 Oct 2008 #11

I have a query regarding the earnings.

In my current company, we have two different salary policies. If an employee deputed to the UK for more than 2 months, then they call that as LONGTERM ASSIGNMENT and they won't put the full salary in india but they will just credit our BASIC component of our india salary. But we will be getting allowance in UK which is known as 'LIVING ALLOWANCE'. So as am in longterm assignment to the UK, i have got both. Can Home office consider LIVING ALLOWANCE and INDIA SALARY? I have valid payslips for both. If yes, how do they calculate the earnings?
Posted by srkiran23
15 Oct 2008 #12
"were the funds available in your account for 90 days? or was the refusal due to your bank documents being older than 7 days?"

just to clarify my doubt, can anyone please let me know if we need to maintain the balance of 2800GBP from the time the application is submitted to VFS or from the time the application actually received by UK ImmServices for processing??
Posted by mohanmoni
09 Nov 2008 #13
Hi All

I would like share some information with maintenance of funds....... You have to maintain 2800 GBP for 90 days and once you submit the application to VFS office.. within 10 to 15 days they will call up to your bank where you have maintained the funds to enquire what is available balance in your account if it is less than 2800 GBP they will reject you application...

and if you are paying the VFS fees of Rs. 51000/- from the same account please make shore that you have excess amount in that account so that you don't have problem with maintenance of funds....

Posted by srkiran23
09 Nov 2008 #14
thanks buddy ... did you get your stamp done ?
Posted by mohanmoni
09 Nov 2008 #15
I got my Tire 1 Stamped on 1st November 08 .................. now i have get a job..................... do you have any contact there to find a job in finance/Sales / IT sales ..................

let me know if you have any thing ...

Posted by Kishorkumar
13 Nov 2008 #16
I have seen great help people are getting from this forum.

I am going to apply for HSMP shortly. Actually I am in UK on WP and working on -Indian Basic Salary and UK allowances model. Can I show my UK personal allownaces income to claim points. My Uk personal allownaces + India basic earnings are around 32K to get 35 points but I am not sure about Home office. Do Home office accept this kind of income and give points?

I can claim - MBS - 35points , UK Exp - 5points and UK+India income=35Points = Totaled to 75points.

Pl guide me.
Posted by vijaykvr
14 Nov 2008 #17
Hi Kishore,

Pls. check your work permit type. If you are on Mulitiple entry work permit, then can't submit your application within the UK. You have to go back to your home country and apply.
Posted by Kishorkumar
16 Nov 2008 #18
HI Vijay,

where do i check WP type...

I have same like yours...I am also getting UK Personal allowances and Indian Baisc.... Have you applied and got thr?

Can u pl share your contact detaisl pl...

Posted by vijaykvr
16 Nov 2008 #19
No kishore.. i have to return to india .. then only i can apply for T1.. You can check the WP type in your passport stamping.. check whether there is MULT in the visa type.
Posted by Kishorkumar
16 Nov 2008 #20
Can I have your contat details pl? I would like to call u to discuss if you are ok. I think mine is Multi entry type of Visa....
Posted by vijaykvr
16 Nov 2008 #21
provide me your number.. i will call u
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
26 Dec 2008 #22
still awaiting Admin Request result.....going to send a formal letter to BHC for update.
Posted by suni321
22 Jan 2009 #23
Hi prog2004,

can you please provide an update on what is the status? I am worried as i have done submissions of fd like you
I had sent an email asking the vfs guys if FD's can be submitted? They told me it can. if you can try to get it from them in email and forward the copy to BHC.

Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
24 Jan 2009 #24
Hi Suni321,
My case is CLOSED now. I will have to re-apply with the full fees. :(
Yes you are right, I will drop a mail to VFS guys and try to see if something can still happen for me.
Best wishes for your Visa application.
Posted by suni321
25 Jan 2009 #25
Hi Prog2004,

For the benifit of other can you share the following information with us:

1. Did you submit a bank letter along with your application stating that maintainance funds can be liquidated at anytime?

2. Did you show FD's for MF

3. what was the reason stated by BHC?

thanks in advace
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
28 Jan 2009 #26
Hi Suni321,

Please find my answers below -
1) Did you submit a bank letter along with your application stating that maintainance funds can be liquidated at anytime?
ANS - Yes, ofcourse I did. Thanks to Trackitt I had known this beforehand, so I did submit the bank letter.

2) Did you show FD's for MF
ANS - Yes, I sent them 3 FD "original" certificates along with my initial application

3) what was the reason stated by BHC?
ANS - They have mentioned that FDs are not acceptable as Maintenance Funds. It must be CASH.

For your information, I sent an email to "VFS North India" asking them for FDs status as acceptable and sufficient proof for MF, and as expected, they confirmed (via email) that this is indeed acceptable if submitted along with a bank letter stating the liquidity clause. So, I plan to send a postal letter to the BHC New Delhi, demanding an explanantion. I will send them the copy of the "VFS North India" email as well. The reason given by BHC for my rejection is just pathetic, awful and I am not gonna accept it like that. Lets see how it goes.

Hope the above information is useful to you guys/gals.

If anyone has any suggestions/feedback on how-should-i-proceed-ahead, do put in your comments here.

Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
24 Feb 2009 #27
Dear All,

It gives me immense pleasure to declare that I have finally, yes after a long ordeal of 6 months and surely by God's grace, finally got my visa stamped. Hurray !

If you would like to know about my case, just drop in a comment in here.

Posted by towardsutopia
02 Mar 2009 #28
prog - wot was ur case?
Posted by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
02 Mar 2009 #29
Well, the only problem area in my case was the FDs. And the learning from that is this -
1) If you are going to submit FDs for your maintenance funds requirement, make sure that you attach an official letter from the Bank stating that FDs are liquid assets and can be encashed anytime.

Other than the above, if you submit the other asked-for documents, that should be Okay.

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