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Tier 1 (General) case: Pending for 5287 days (-5227 days more than average)
United States
11 Jun 2008
16 Jun 2008
3649 days
30 Nov -0001
29 Sep 2008
Called HO, they still have not assigned my application to a case worker.

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Posted by philiguy
20 Oct 2008 #1

Did you apply for your EC? IF yes,what did you send as your proof of being legal here in US? And also can you please confirm the other documents you sent for EC?

Posted by FromUS
20 Oct 2008 #2

Yes, I did apply. Have not received anything back from them yet. Applied through A Briggs under the Rush service, but they have failed to meet the rush timeline they quoted.

I included my original H1-B and hoping to get it back.
I sent VAF 9, Appendix 1, copy of the online application, biometric test paper, HSMP letter, H1-B, passport, photograph, bank statements notarized by the bank, and a print out statement from last statement till today. My bank did not give me a letter, I am hoping the notarized print-out will work. So, we will see if what I sent is sufficient. I will let you know as soon as I hear from them.
Included photocopies of docs as well in addition to the originals.

Good luck!!!
Posted by philiguy
20 Oct 2008 #3
Thanks for your response and plenty of information. I am going for biometrics tomorrow and plan to send my docs day after. Just to confirm, we need not send all the docs we sent for HSMP approval for EC right?
Also i thought online application and VAF9 are the same thing? is that not correct?
Can you please send me your mail ID for more qs if i have. Mine is [email protected]

Thanks a ton
Posted by FromUS
20 Oct 2008 #4
You are welcome.
I just included the HSMP letter and did not enclose the docs I had sent with the original HSMP application.
If you have heard otherwise, please do double check..
I compiled my application package on my own to the best of my knowledge, and Abriggs just couriered it.
I do recommend including VAF 9 just in case...
Will email you directly from my account.
Posted by masim
06 Nov 2008 #5
If your application is still pending then come to this forum to share your thoughts
[Pending HSMP Applications OLD RULES]

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