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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 41 days (19 days less than average)
United Kingdom
13 Jan 2009
14 Jan 2009
14 Jan 2009
16 Jan 2009
23 Feb 2009
25 Feb 2009
41 days
30 Nov -0001
25 Feb 2009
Got my tier 1 approved for 3 years yippeeee:)

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Posted by nickbubble79
16 Jan 2009 #1
could you send me a list of documents you have sent nirajsawant@gmail.com// I will be sending my application next week
Posted by shiningbulls
16 Jan 2009 #2
Hi You can refer to http://nitinaggarwal.wordpress.com/
You will have the docs description in appropriate detail.

It depends on what category you fall in and describe in detail about urselves.
In case you have any queries post your doubts i will clarify
Posted by shiningbulls
16 Jan 2009 #3
You can have a look at http://tier1visas.blogspot.com/
Posted by syarlagadda79
29 Jan 2009 #4

May i request you to update the status on ur visa please?

Posted by shiningbulls
29 Jan 2009 #5
Hi Syarlagadda
I haven't heard from the home office after receiving my reference no.

When did you apply ???

I am expecting them to reply in 7-8 days time.
Posted by syarlagadda79
23 Feb 2009 #6
Please update the status...
Posted by shiningbulls
23 Feb 2009 #7
I haven't heard from the home office and have now started to feel a bit worried...
Still keeping fingers crossed.
Posted by sherazaries
25 Feb 2009 #8
Congratulations !
i applied on 13 jan 08
PSW to Tier 1 General
Still waiting.....

Was ur application from PSW or IGS or WP to Tier 1 General
And Did they send you via signed delivery or not?

many thanks and congrats once again....
Posted by songoku
25 Feb 2009 #9
when was the last time you phoned them? and what was the status they gave you?

did you still have leave to remain before you applied to this, and when was its expiration?
Posted by syarlagadda79
25 Feb 2009 #10
Posted by kjra
25 Feb 2009 #11
Congrats mate.. have you applied for you alone or any dependants too?
Posted by krishnakrishna
25 Feb 2009 #12
hi Syarlagadda
can you please guid me (1) what document you have submit
(2)did home office contact to your employer?
Posted by dextar
25 Feb 2009 #13
First of all congrates. Just one question, have you requested or urgent treatement or this was normal response?
Posted by shiningbulls
25 Feb 2009 #14
Thanks a lot to all of you.
I applied from WP to Tier 1 General with my dependent application from WP Dep to Tier 1 Dep for my wife .
I never called them for inquiry or requested them to treat my case urgently . It was just a normal response and got this visa as a signed delivery.
Posted by shiningbulls
25 Feb 2009 #15
Hi krishna
Refer to http://tier1visas.blogspot.com/ for document details.

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