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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 50 days (10 days less than average)
United Kingdom
12 Jan 2009
13 Jan 2009
14 Jan 2009
15 Jan 2009
03 Mar 2009
06 Mar 2009
50 days
30 Nov -0001
11 Mar 2009
got it finally...thanks everyone....:)

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Posted by bobschmidt
27 Feb 2009 #1
have you called HO to find your status? tks
Posted by sherazaries
27 Feb 2009 #2
Posted by bobschmidt
27 Feb 2009 #3
if your status is 'under consideration' then if all goes well they should mail your decision within a few days.
Posted by sherazaries
27 Feb 2009 #4
well i even dont know whats my status is because it happens to few people before that they call HO, they been told that its "under consideration". and next day they recieve their passport....so pretty much useless to call....:-(
Posted by bobschmidt
27 Feb 2009 #5
i am sure you are right, i was just trying to help you answer your question about when you will receive your passport back. if you know the app's status, you have more insight into when you will receive your passport, that is all....
Posted by shumailarshad
05 Mar 2009 #6
Hi.. I applied in the same days as you did... I didn't get my passport back as well.. Whenever I call them, they say that it is awaiting consideration or sometime they say it is awaiting further consideration.. Anyone know what this means... I sent urgent treatment form as well because I have to travel to pakistan on 13 March, 2009... Any suggestion or ideas?
Posted by sherazaries
05 Mar 2009 #7
hi shumailarshad
thats why i didnt even call them because i know its useless....anyways if you recieve any updates let me know aswell.....Thanks
Posted by shumailarshad
06 Mar 2009 #8
Hi... Yesterday I called Home Office... and they said that application is under consideration.. does this means I will get my application result soon..
Posted by ppatra
11 Mar 2009 #9
Hi There, Do you guys know which Number I should call for enquring about the status please ? Thanks.
Posted by lost30
11 Mar 2009 #10
congrats brov!
Posted by kace2009
11 Mar 2009 #11
ppatra - home office number as requested 0870 606 7786

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