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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 19 days (41 days less than average)
16 Aug 2007
20 Aug 2007
22 Aug 2007
04 Sep 2007
10 Sep 2007
19 days
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10 Sep 2007
Hi, I called up today (Sep 5) and found that my documents are sent yestarday

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Posted by gettingit
31 Aug 2007 #1
Just give them a call, usually they send you an email with the reference number. If not, you can always call them
Posted by applyhsmp
05 Sep 2007 #2

Did they give you the result over the phone? My documents have been mailed today. And if I do not know the outcome I shall not be able to sleep tonight.
Posted by hsmpnjgl
05 Sep 2007 #3

I am planning to apply for a HSMP visa.I went
through the guidance and the application form provided
on the official website for the purpose.My point score
is coming out to be 85.

I have a query regarding the points claimed under the
previous earnings category as follows:

I am claiming the earnings period as 01-Aug-06 to
31-Jul-07. During this period I worked with two

Employer-1 from 01-aug-06 till 01-Mar-07
Employer-2 from 02-mar-07 till date.

My questions is that since i resigned from the first
employer in Feb 07 i didn't recieve any salary for
that month as a result don't have the salary slip for
Feb-07,instead recieved a Full & Final doc(original)
mentioning all the salary(of Feb-07) and other
details. At the same time since I joined another
company(Employer-2), i have the salary slip of the
employer-2 for the month of march-07. Should I mention
all the details in the covering letter and attach the
Full And Final settlement doc(Original) of the
Employer-1 as I have two pay slips for the month of march-07. Would it be sufficient or I need to submit
anything more?

Also, somehow I missed to show the salary of employer-2 for the
month of march-07 in the IT return of 06-07. Will it be an issue?

Apart from that I have all other
evidances as mentioned in the guidelines that shows my
salary earned from employer-2,like appointment letter,
pay slips,bank statements.
Would these be enough.How should I proceed with it?

Please let me know. Would be really gratefull.

Posted by ashu27
05 Sep 2007 #4
Hi Rajapatil,

I have good direct client contacts in UK who are seeking exclusively HSMP visa candidates

Let me know if you are interested for the same
Posted by ambhsmp
11 Sep 2007 #5
Hi Ashu,

I have SAP SD seven years experiance..If you have any contacts for clients seeking this skill set .Please email me at abhi_022001@yahoo.com

Posted by ashu27
28 Nov 2007 #6
Anyone looking for direct client contract in UK for SAP BW, please get in touch at the following email ID:


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