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21 Nov 2007
26 Nov 2007
26 Nov 2007
03 Dec 2007
28 Nov 2007
06 Dec 2007
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08 Dec 2007
Previously BIA(HSMP) returned my form saying, there was an error in payment(transaction declined). I had given my ICICI bank debit card details. I reapplied using ICICI credit card.

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Posted by shan
19 Nov 2007 #1
BIA(HSMP) returned my form saying, there was an error in payment(transaction declined). I had given my ICICI bank debit card details.

Could someone please suggest me how you had made payments through debit card...

Thanks and Regards,
Posted by pavanbhattad
19 Nov 2007 #2
I had given ICICI credit card details and it worked for me. I dont know about Debit card. May be your Debit card is not valid outside India or something like that.
Posted by rajeevp
19 Nov 2007 #3
Hi Shan

Credit cards give some trouble. So I would suggest you to go to a bank and get the DD made for 400 GBP. I got it from HDFC bank...they will charge around 250 rupees and give same day. As it is safer and it works ...just takes couple of day to clear i.e. 3-5 working days.

Credit card gave me the same problem...so I feel DD is better option. Good luck.
Posted by dontcare
19 Nov 2007 #4
Shan please update the case status and other info for benefit of others
Posted by manoj34
27 Nov 2007 #5
Shan, you should send it to the address that has the zip code: S19BL, and not the one that was posted in ur page.

And one more thing, I advice you to use DD or Credit Card as Debit Card (mostly master cards) wont go through with Online Payments like this. Even it fails for Retail expenditures.

Credit cards were never a problem provided you have around 35K rupees in ur card. It will go through as in my case.

All the best
Posted by shan
07 Dec 2007 #6
I got letter on 7 Dec 2007.
HSMP approved.

The decision was made on 28 Nov 2007.
It took 3 days for decision. 1 week 3 days for delivery fo the letter.
I got it through Royal Mail. Indian Govt Post..

Thanks and Regards,
Posted by shankar26
07 Dec 2007 #7
Hi shan! Plz let me know how did u make the payment after 'they returned ur application saying that there was some prob in ICICI debit card'. Plz reply me ASAP as i also have ICICI debit card and i m planning to make the payment through that.

Posted by shan
08 Dec 2007 #8
hi Shankar,

ICICI Debit card payment owuld not go thru.
USE ICICI/some other credit card. If you dont have one...get it from one of your friends..

Posted by ashu27
15 Jan 2008 #9
Hi Heartiest Congratulations on your HSMP

You can email at [email protected] for UK contract jobs. They are taking the entire job responsibility of yours

Thanks & Regards,
Posted by shankar26
15 Jan 2008 #10

I got the my 'Balance Certificate' from Bank dated 15 jan 2008, which is of Rs. 4,00,151 amount.

But I m showing my 'Bank Statements' till 10 jan 2008,which is of Rs. 3,98,151 amount.

Is there any problem?

Plz reply me ASAP.


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