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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 28 days (32 days less than average)
09 Jan 2008
11 Jan 2008
11 Jan 2008
19 Jan 2008
06 Feb 2008
28 days
30 Nov -0001
10 Mar 2008
Asked for reprint because of mistake

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Posted by dontcare
20 Jan 2008 #1
Probably they mailed late on Friday on Sheffield time. And probably with time zone difference between UK and Aus, you might have received it on Saturday
Posted by stamenkd
24 Jan 2008 #2
Nah, they sent it around 8am GMT on Saturday...
Posted by stamenkd
08 Feb 2008 #3
Sent them a fax on 8 Feb to arrange for courier pick up then called them to confirm that and tried my luck asking about my application. No decision made yet, though initially he thought it might have already been mailed out. So expecting a decision soon.

Once they email me and let me know that it's ready for courier pickup, will they tell me the decision in the email, or will I be able to call them up and get the decision?
Posted by kalyanms1
09 Feb 2008 #4
Please update me once the decision has taken. mine refno is so near to u. i too want to send the fax to them for picking up the documents. which courier u'r prefering for picking up the docs. i want to go for MBE.
Posted by stamenkd
09 Feb 2008 #5
Hi Kalyanms.. I'm also going with MBE.. I'll let you know when a decision has been made.. I just hope I can find out over the phone because it would be quite painful to wait an extra 3-4 days for the courier to bring it here.
Posted by pranjam
11 Feb 2008 #6
Are you sure that 15 Jan applicants are being considered did you call them up and came to know about this?? I am anxious cause my application should be up for consideration in that case
Posted by stamenkd
13 Feb 2008 #7
Pranjam, if you call +44 114 207 4074 after that press 1 and then 1 the automated message tells you UP TO which date they are processing applications. However that doesn't mean they've finished all applications before that date.
I'm getting a bit restless with finding out about my application - already 5 days over average time.
Posted by pranjam
14 Feb 2008 #8
Well if it makes you feel any better even my application is pending and is now 2 days over average time. I called them up and the computer message said they are now considering applications received on 17th January. I have called their call centre twice and both the times the lady has told me that once my application is processed I will receive my documents as if I do not know this already :(
Posted by Pars
14 Feb 2008 #9
They are considering applications received till 15-Jan-2008
Posted by stamenkd
17 Feb 2008 #10
Going to try calling up again for my status today. My guess is that they've sent it out through normal air mail and have ignored my courier request.
Posted by pesalasrinivas
18 Feb 2008 #11

Could you pl let me know when your decision is made.

Posted by stamenkd
18 Feb 2008 #12
srinivasarao, will do. I called yesterday and they know about my courier request and he didn't mention that it's been sent out so I'm assuming that no decision has been made yet. Guess you and I are the unlucky ones and it's taking longer to process our cases (9 and 12 days above average)
Posted by Pars
26 Feb 2008 #13
hi stamenkd....congrats on your approval......the wait sure did pay-off
Posted by pesalasrinivas
26 Feb 2008 #14

I just received my documents with approval letter today ( 26-Feb-2008)
congratulations to you.

Posted by lodus
26 Feb 2008 #15
hey...why do you leave australia :(
Posted by stamenkd
27 Feb 2008 #16
Lodus, I'm originally from Europe so it'll be nice to live in Europe again and get to travel..
I'll probably get tired of England eventually and return to Australia... Though maybe Melbourne instead of Sydney
Posted by salsa15
29 Feb 2008 #17
Hi there

I'm also an Aussie applying from Australia. Congratulations on your approval, that is great news. I am still waiting, although it has only been 2 1/2 weeks.
Could you please let me know which courier company you arranged to collect your documents? DHL advised they wouldn't collect from the Home Office because of their refusal to sign any outgoing couriers. A couple of other companies also said they need signatures or wouldn't collect.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by stamenkd
03 Mar 2008 #18
Salsa I used MBE.co.uk and got them to ship it via Fedex. They don't require a signature.

Just received my approval letter today and it was dated 6th of Feb!! I called several times after that date and they told me it wasn't ready yet!!

And to top it off, they got my birthdate wrong - 30 instead of 03....So now I have to courier it back to them, asking for a reprint, and hopefully arrange for courier to send it back to me.. And all of this has to happen relatively quickly because I have a ticket for 19th of April!!!! What bad luck.
Posted by stamenkd
10 Mar 2008 #19
Courier says they delivered it on Friday morning to their PO BOX but I called them now on Monday morning and they say they haven't received it... Very worrying....hopefully they're just a bit slow and haven't updated their system yet
Posted by stamenkd
14 Mar 2008 #20
Ok, the Home Office has reprinted my approval letter and it has been sent by courier today... Fairly efficient, took them one week. Then again it was a tiny error!

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