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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 29 days (31 days less than average)
14 Jan 2008
16 Jan 2008
18 Jan 2008
24 Jan 2008
12 Feb 2008
15 Feb 2008
29 days
30 Nov -0001
02 Sep 2008
12th Feb: got info on Approval status by calling the BIA Contact Center. 15th Feb: Received the courier pack through MBE. 7th August: Applied for EC. Final Update --->1st Sep 2008: UK EC Visa Approved - 3 years validity

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Posted by sureshab
25 Jan 2008 #1
Hi call u give me BIA contact center tel. number to get the Referenced no.
Posted by rajahsmp
27 Jan 2008 #2
+44 114 207 4074 ... Listen to the recorded phone menu options....choose HSMP General Enquiry...wait for 3 - 5 mins...ask the tel agent whether the refernce number is generated.... they will take your DOB as a verification point before giving a reply.
Posted by dp154
06 Feb 2008 #3

when does cross varification of emloyment take place... before approval or after??

please help me...

a bit urgent...

Posted by rajahsmp
08 Feb 2008 #4
Generally , the actual verification occurs during the EC process , but there is no hard and fast rule on this....they definitely take your previous employers contact details along with the HSMP application so theoritically they can also verify during the HSMP stage itself. But I have not heard of many "employment verification" cases during the HSMP stage.
Posted by rajahsmp
12 Feb 2008 #5
Need to make arrangements for Courier pickup
Posted by urstop
12 Feb 2008 #6
was it a urgent treatment or a normal one?
Posted by haphazard
12 Feb 2008 #7
congrats raja!

I guess you did not request an urgent treatment for your application. Did you call the HO by chance or you received a mail from their side stating "a decision is made on your application and the docs are dispatched" ?
Posted by rajahsmp
12 Feb 2008 #8
Thank you....
Actually I had called them up up yesterday, since it was nearing the 28 days average for all processing, the call center agent on the phone mentioned that the application was still under consideration and as per normal request it was under the SLA for HSMP processing which would be covered by April 2008....so I left it at that.
Surprisingly today I received a notification by e-mail from the home office that a decision has been taken and that I can arrange for a courier pickup (I had requested for this in my HSMP application pack itself), so I called them again and got to know the approval status.....
I guess well within the 28 day average processing time as maintained by trackitt !!
Posted by ashu27
13 Feb 2008 #9
Congratulations on your HSMP. We are actively seeking IT professionals holding valid HSMP for our client requirements in UK. Please feel free to get in touch on [email protected] for the same.
Posted by haphazard
13 Feb 2008 #10
all the best raja!

what kind of action will you take to arrange a courier to pick up your docs and send them to you? is it like calling a local DHL office in Sheffield and they'll pick up your docs?
Posted by rajahsmp
13 Feb 2008 #11
I used the services of Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) ..... just drop a mail to [email protected] and they will provide you all the details end to end on your documents collection and delivery process.
Posted by rajahsmp
13 Feb 2008 #12
Once formalities are decided with MBE ...just drop a mail to your case officer (at home office) telling them about the pick-up/collection date/time through MBE.
Posted by rajahsmp
15 Feb 2008 #13
Will vouch for MBE service....excellent and professional. They used UPS courier to deliver the documents which reached me in 3 days flat.
Posted by gouk
16 Feb 2008 #14
hi Raja, hearty congrats on your HSMP. Just need to know how can i get the details of case officer who deals with our application ? I too needs to advice MBE guys to pick my docs from BIA. Thnks Deepu
Posted by rajahsmp
16 Feb 2008 #15
There is no method of you getting to know your case officers name while your HSMP application is being processed. It is ONLY after the decision is made that your case officer will get in touch with you (by e-mail) about collecting your documents for courier dispatch.
Posted by gouk
18 Feb 2008 #16
Thnks Raja, btw how about Royal Mail to India ? any idea of how long they r gonna take to deliver to India ?
Posted by rajahsmp
19 Feb 2008 #17
Average 2 to 3 weeks.
Posted by gouk
19 Feb 2008 #18
thnks Raja, good luck with your EC :-)
06 Mar 2008 #19
dear raja......

please help in the documentation requird for ec and wether they do the verification frm ur current and precious employer or not .....

06 Mar 2008 #20
Posted by rajahsmp
21 Mar 2008 #21
Yes Godbless,
They will do an employer verification when you apply for EC.......
21 Mar 2008 #22

thanks...indeed.......actually im changing my job...so i have given a gap in my previous and current employment...i ll explain it further....i have applied forthe tenure of jan 07 till jan 08......i left my job in feb and will be joinin a new job in april...so im worried about the fact that would it hamper my case and will they also verify frm my new employer as well.....

thanks in advance...

23 Mar 2008 #23

waiting for the reply....please suggest

Posted by ashu27
07 Apr 2008 #24
Congratulations on your HSMP approval/visa.

We have an exciting opportunity for you with our clients in UK. We are professionally managed company providing software and recruitment solutions since the past seven years.

Our client’s are amongst the top most IT Companies in UK. Currently we are looking for candidates with valid HSMP approval/visa and who can relocate to UK immediately

If you are interested please get in touch at [email protected] with complete contact details ASAP.
Posted by rajahsmp
08 Aug 2008 #25
on 7th August: I Applied for EC under Tier-1 Transition Arrangement (for those with HSMP Approval Letter from the earlier stage)
Posted by Whale
08 Aug 2008 #26
which no to contact to know the approval status Raja help pls, when i called +441142074074 they refuse to give result of the decision
Posted by rajahsmp
09 Aug 2008 #27
Hi Whale,
Not sure which number other than te one you have listed. I had used this number for the earlier first stage process (in Feb 2008) to get the HSMP approval letter. Currently for the EC, I am applying from India to the local VFS/BHC in India as part of the Tier-1 HSMP Transtional arrangement...... Not sure if they will give the result by phone anymore since the whole passport and document pack will be couriered along with your results ( Accept with visa or Reject with letter).
Posted by anjali123
12 Aug 2008 #28
I am planning to apply for EC next week. What is the duration for which you need to submit the accomodation proof? Can you tell of any decently priced accommodation in the UK?

Thanks a lot!
Posted by rajahsmp
13 Aug 2008 #29
Hello Anjali,
You need to show accomodation for about 15 days from any UK hotel booking.
Posted by rajahsmp
13 Aug 2008 #30
use www.booking.com for hotels of your choice......ideally a 15 day booking should not cost more than 800 Pounds in total.
Posted by rajahsmp
02 Sep 2008 #31
Here is my complete status update.

*******************EC Progress ********************
EC applied on :7th August
Applied From : Bangalore VFS
Integra Verification : Absolutely No idea
BHC Direct Verification : Not Needed
Called for Interview : Not Needed
Interview Date : Not Needed
EC Status : Approved - UK Visa valid for three years starting Oct 2008.
EC Approved on : 1st Sept 2008
Passport Delivered on : 2nd Sept 2008
Posted by priya12
13 Sep 2008 #32
first of all congrats Raja.

I got my HSMP approval on may 15th,2008. as i am applying for EC, I came to know from VFS customer care that i need to submit VAF9 and appendix 1. In appendix 1, part 8, they are asking for Points. Do i need to mention the points i claimed during HSMP approval? or do i need to mention the points as per the new rules.

It would be of great help from you, as i am planing to go to chennai VFS on 15th sep, 2008.

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