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Tier 1 (General) case: Approved in 30 days (30 days less than average)
06 Feb 2008
07 Feb 2008
14 Feb 2008
07 Mar 2008
27 Mar 2008
30 days
30 Nov -0001
30 Mar 2008
- is it done yuri? - no comrade premier. it has only begun.

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Posted by HSMP2008JANUA
13 Feb 2008 #1
Call them and they will give the reference number.
Posted by deepdeep
13 Feb 2008 #2
Thanx for advice,
I've mailed (hope right address: wpcustomers@ind.homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk) and requested a ref. id.
I think I'll call them on valentine's day :)
Posted by deepdeep
14 Feb 2008 #3
Got via e-mail..
Posted by batesoglu
20 Feb 2008 #4
Deepdeep..Would you please add my msn?? batesoglu@hotmail.com. thanks
Posted by merci
17 Mar 2008 #5
hi deepdeep
any progress?
what are you planning to do?
Posted by deepdeep
17 Mar 2008 #6
hi merci, thanks for ur interest.

hope to get documents this week. besides, i've mailed requesting my status.
actullay i'm unable to quit my job in TR before the june, so i'm not in hurry, but still excited :)
Posted by merci
20 Mar 2008 #7
Hi deep deep!
any progress?
the record is yours with 42 days in category of Turkey applications? :)))
All your original documents in there, I admire your patient, which I lack.
Posted by deepdeep
20 Mar 2008 #8
yeaah i'm gonna smash all records :)

be cool bro, we'll get it soon.
Posted by istanbuliot
22 Mar 2008 #9
I think & hope you'll get your approval letter this week, it looks like the waiting times are getting a little bit longer, which I guess is because of huge load of applications from India just before the Tier-1 goes live. Good Luck to all!
Posted by deepdeep
23 Mar 2008 #10
Thanks for good wishes istanbuliot, your statement is reasonable.
I've a friend send docs. on Feb 4 and get document prev. Friday yet, so as you have already stated I hope to receive it in this week.

Posted by lodus
23 Mar 2008 #11
i think the bad luck for this tier change thing. still, cannot understand russian guys with similar ref numbers are processed in three weeks but not ours..
Posted by merci
26 Mar 2008 #12
gözlerin aydın deepdeep :) çok sevindim adına
would you pls share with us the issuance date of approval letter.
Posted by merci
26 Mar 2008 #13
gereksiz bir soru olmuÅŸ, heyecana ver kardeÅŸ :)
Posted by deepdeep
26 Mar 2008 #14
hi merci, thanks for your interest, it's your turn, looking forward to hear from you.

i haven't received documents yet, i just called them and get the result.

see you on tower bridge :)
Posted by lodus
26 Mar 2008 #15
congrats deepdeep..please tell me the exact tel no to get the result info?
Posted by deepdeep
26 Mar 2008 #16
thanks lodus,

Call from 00 4411 4207 4074

Dial 2, then again dial 2.

Wait until someone raises (may be more than 5 mins!)

Tell them that there has been more than xx weeks and you have your important docs. bla bla...

good luck bro.
Posted by lodus
26 Mar 2008 #17
ok. thx
Posted by haphazard
26 Mar 2008 #18
So now, the dream of drinking beer at the tower bridge is coming to real ?

I am so glad that your application is approved. shouldn't have taken that long, but at least, you got the result. I guess in a short while, you'll get your docs back safely, and get ready for the EC process.

Posted by deepdeep
26 Mar 2008 #19
ahaha. thanks brother.

i'm tired of trying to catch you up :))

as u've alreay stated, i'll meet u at tower bridge, 'öz-drink beer saloon' :)
Posted by haphazard
26 Mar 2008 #20
:) you need to practice.

'öz-drink beer saloon', ah that one, just near to "has-drink beer saloon' :p
Posted by merci
28 Mar 2008 #21
what about your documents and approval letter?
It is been nearly twenty days, awful
I called and send e-mail many times for urgent treatment
They did not notice anyone? They refused to give information neither on phone nor via e-mail
I have to wait for the letter, I just hope I am walking on your foot print, however not to hear about the fate of original documents of yours put me under pressure and stress.
Posted by deepdeep
28 Mar 2008 #22
dear brother,

i do really understand you but please try to cool. you'll get it soon.

the water was over my head recently, very busy so i couldn't keep track of my documents. however today mum called and said she got the documents. they sent it on 13.03.2007.

here are YOUR dates:

received on 15.02
approved on 18.03
mail sent: 22.03
you will got it on 4.4.

so have fun, try to focus on something else; drive, swim, run. it's approved, believe me :)
Posted by merci
28 Mar 2008 #23
@hi deepdeep
thanks for your back up.
fingers crossed.
Posted by lodus
29 Mar 2008 #24
merci next week is gonna be yours..don't worry..
i am a clairvoyant by the way! trust me :)

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