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14 Feb 2003
24 Mar 2004
18 Jun 2007
10 Oct 2007
Today we had an interview at the local office. Ours was an Employment based AC21 case (EB3) which was messed up with a NOID saying what we did was not appropriate. We went in and dropped the appointment letters. Then we were called in. We took oath, signed for not using an attorney at the interview. Then she asked about our full names, address and reason for AC21 etc. She admitted that she was given that case only a week ago and she had no chance to go thru that. All she has read is only the NOID. We said that it has been responded by the lawyer. She said she needs some time for going thru that. She asked for employment verification letter and updated the paper forms with the most recent employer for me and my spouse who is the primary. She also checked the visa number availability and said that she thinks nothing is going to happen at least till the end of this year. She mentioned that she needs to communicate with another IO in Nebraska about the NOID and the response from the lawyer and weigh which is right. When I asked about the security check and name check stuff, she did not even bother to look at it and instead she said that there are so many checks within security check and name check is one of them and she hasn't gone thru our file to figure that one out... She did not pull up our case in the computer. All she worked on was with a 3 inch thick paper work file. Our PD on this case is Feb 2003. Since we received an NOID earlier this year my husband’s current employer has filed a new petition this May 2007 as PD for a back up. There was no discussion about that. My husband’s employment verification was not dated by the HR and we also missed it. But the adjuratory officer that it’s okay and believes us.. . She did not want to look at the paystubs. Nothing much other than that. The officer was a lady and she was friendly. She mentioned that USCIS will show as if all the visa numbers are already exhausted for this fiscal year and suddenly they will pull down lot of numbers from ‘somewhere’ and ask the officers to approve cases. She did not give any approximate time for the wait on the case. Also she mentioned that if she needs something she will send an local office RFE for us. Then we said thanks and left the building. We did not learn anything new other than providing EVL and our kids birth certificate. No LUDS before the interview date and after.
30 Nov -0001
10 Oct 2007

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