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08 Dec 2003
14 Jun 2007
15 Oct 2007
29 Nov 2007
Orlando, FL
I was called at 11:00 a.m. as scheduled. My husband has at 11:30. But we both went together at 11:00 a.m. We had my lawyer with us. As usual we both took a oath and first the officer told that our name checks are pending. He did a name check in the interview and told we both are blessed that day as our name check got cleared. then he asked both of us some questions from our I485 application like names, date of birth and where do we live. the he checked all our documents. We both did not have a proper marriage certificate, as in inida we had less time after marriage and we did not bring with us our marriage certificate. he is very reluctant to approve with the one we have, my husband convinced him by showing all proofs we have like wedding album and a consulate marriage registration form and passport entries. After two hours of talks with this boss, he told he will approve for now, but later on, we should have our marraige certificate with us. Then a new problem, my priority date is december, 2003, but, as my application is in lost labor applications I sent one again in august 2006, and the priority date was august 2006. My lawyer then told him the correct one, and he said he had to email the labor department and it will take 2 hours to get a reply. sometimes they are fast they give in 5 minutes. He told I can leave and come in 2 hours. But I waited outside, and in 1 and hour he callled back, and said everything looks good, and stamped both of our passports. The officer is very very nice, he took all the pain to correct my application and make it look good.
30 Nov -0001
30 Nov 2007

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