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PERM case: Pending for 5749 days (-5521 days more than average)
07 Mar 2007
4984 days
30 Nov -0001
31 Jul 2007
BS + 5yr Why many April and May applicants have been certified while March applicants are still pending?

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Posted by zjiang
31 Jul 2007 #1
I am confused that many April and May applicants have been recently approved while my case filed on March 7 is still pending?
Posted by summerfish
31 Jul 2007 #2
Mine filed on March 8, also still pending:(
Posted by zjiang
01 Aug 2007 #3
How long shall we wait? We may miss the chance to submit i140 and i485 by 8/17.

It is unfair for the Atlanta Office to process April, May, June applicant while forgetting the March applicants.

Where is FIFO? Where is fairness? Where is our freedom?

We have to fight for our rights!
Posted by GCanand
02 Aug 2007 #4
I'm a Feb applicant and I'm still waiting...good luck with your case.
Posted by zjiang
03 Aug 2007 #5
This is my 2nd labor certificate, it has been pending since 3/7/2007.

My 1st RIR labor certificate submitted on 9/30/2002 was approved on 12/8/2006. It took 4 years and 3 months. Just before it was approved the sponsoring company went bankrupt. My previous 4 years effort and hope was ruined by the slow process.

Am I having the terrible experience and suffering?

What kind of patience shall I have?

Anyone can help?
Posted by madmax
12 Oct 2007 #6
I applied on April 12th, still pending. Try http://www.legalimmigrant.net/, fight together!

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