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PERM case: Approved in 227 days (4 days less than average)
06 Dec 2011
19 Mar 2012
Audit at random
12 Apr 2012
20 Jul 2012
227 days
26 Mar 2012
20 Jul 2012

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Posted by audir8
26 Mar 2012 #1
sorry to hear about your audit. Were you impacted by the software glitch on Dec 6? If yes, did you sign ETA 9089 and send it back?
Posted by akrishn
27 Mar 2012 #2
Do you work FT for client or consulting company? Where is your employer located and how many years work exp. Also whats your field in MS?
Posted by vishnu38
27 Mar 2012 #3
@Audir8 - I had no idea about the glitch. My HR has asked me to meet her in a couple of days to sign a form. I dont know if it is 9089. Do you have more information about the software glitch?

@akrish - I work directly with the parent company. I dont know what FT means. 6 years experience with Masters in Mech engg
Posted by akrishn
27 Mar 2012 #4
Hey thanks vishnu. What I was asking is do you work fulltime for client or fulltime for consultancy. Also whats ur work location. Thanks for the info. This info will be useful bcoz mine is mech engg too and I toll have 5+ yrs exp.
Posted by karthiksubbu
23 Jul 2012 #5
Congrats!! My PD is also 12/6 and stuck in random audit..Did you have to follow-up often with DOL or you just waited patiently?
Posted by vishnu38
23 Jul 2012 #6
Just waited patiently. Asked my attorney to check the status many a time but nothing much that anyone can do about it.

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