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PERM case: Approved in 301 days (-70 days more than average)
07 Jun 2012
06 Sep 2012
recruitment process, signed form, who paid for labor, etc..
14 Sep 2012
04 Apr 2013
301 days
18 Jun 2012
04 Apr 2013
Second audit on Mar 22. responded Mar 27. Got the courtesy email from the lawyer that it will be certified.

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Posted by hajisathik
23 Aug 2012 #1
I think you are good for EB2. My case is also same. I completed my Bsc and Msc 3+2 in computer science. They evaluated my education as exaclty yours. I got my perm and i 140 approved under eb3 previously. Now I try under eb2 with different employer and I am waiting for my perm to be certified. I believe that you didn't have any cross major between your BSc and Msc.
Posted by hajisathik
29 Jan 2013 #2
Try to create another FOIA request. provide only the receipt number. Don't provide any other info like A#.

When I first submit my FOIA request with only the receipt number. I got the copy of I 140 application with approved stamp on it. But when I submit second FOIA for Approval copy, I provided all the information like receipt number and A#, etc.. They replied that there is no document found for this I 140.

So it may be worth to try one more request.
Posted by herohiralal
04 Apr 2013 #3
Hi are you a Cognizant employee ?
Posted by hajisathik
04 Apr 2013 #4
No I am not..
Posted by iamaudited
04 Apr 2013 #5
Same query asked for me as well for the audit.
Posted by Skyfal
04 Apr 2013 #6

I just got my PERM applied on 25 Mar 2013,my 6th year started on 25th Mar 2013, the lawyer was going to file it on 23 Mar 2013 to make me eligible for 1 yr extensions but the DOL site was down on 23 and 24 Mar 2013. Do you think I can send any query to them asking if I am eligible for 1 year extension? As now my lawyer says we just have to wait and pray for approval and be hopeful for 3 yearly extension..but my worry is if it gets audited and denied for whtever reason..should get my 1 yr extensions.... Please help.
Posted by smnp
04 Apr 2013 #7
To be safe, go out of the country for at least one week (if your perm goes to audit). So that you will get new I-94 with one week more.
Posted by Skyfal
04 Apr 2013 #8
That is not an option as I have my H1b just for this year and If I go then I will be subject to stamping..heard that the cases are getting stuck there for years....
Posted by Skyfal
04 Apr 2013 #9
As mine was L1 to H1 transfer
Posted by hajisathik
04 Apr 2013 #10
First of all, i am not sure if you are eligible to file a 1 yr extn even if your case has been filed before 365 days of your maxout and denied subsequently. So if it is approved then you are fine to have 1yr extn. not sure if it is denied. Please ask your lawyer. This is a big question spinning around this forum and I haven't heard of correct answer to this yet.
Posted by hajisathik
04 Apr 2013 #11
As you said you moved from L1 to H1, then how about converting from H1 to L1A? you will get one more year in L1A (7yrs)
Posted by Vishwanabh
04 Apr 2013 #12
U cannot change to L1A unless u have worked in Manager position for 1 year in India.
Posted by Skyfal
04 Apr 2013 #13
I was on L1B and coverted to H1b..But that is an interesting point..can I get L1A next year? that gives me 7 yrs?
Posted by sambob81
10 Apr 2013 #14
HI hajisathik,

Congrats for the approval. Can you tell us what was your 2nd audit and your/attorney response?
Posted by hajisathik
10 Apr 2013 #15
Thanks.. The second audit was about the layoff from my company in the last 6 months. I am not sure about my lawyer's response to it.
Posted by sambob81
11 Apr 2013 #16
Thank you for the response. It helps. I am just curious to know. Did you apply labor from ur company location (Head Quarters) or Client location?

Bocz mine was put client address on 9089 form and my company is in a different city (adjacent state). He placed add in the company location not in the clinet location. I am worried if this gives any denial for my perm. Its too late to act but I will have some idea.

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