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PERM case: Pending for 5365 days (-5138 days more than average)
25 Oct 2007
08 Jan 2008
Business necessity
31 Jan 2008
5363 days
30 Nov -0001
18 May 2009
Waiting for more than a year and no reply from Atlanta Backlog center...

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Posted by trs80
27 Oct 2007 #1
Good Luck!
I hope that my lawyer submit my application soon too
Posted by jupil
15 Jan 2008 #2
No I did not. I only received email from lawyer, and I believe lawyer will not share letter with me. I had a meeting with him Today and he told me that 40% of the cases are being audited. He also told me that the department of labor is using lower standares than the market is, so that is why the cases are being audited. For example while the company for my position requires Bs+3 years the Labor departmet requires Bs+2. However I do believe that my lawyer screw it up and he is justifying the audit.
Posted by desireuben
31 Jan 2008 #3
Well Your lawyer is correct in saying, 40% of cases are audited. Lately since Oct. actually DOL has confirmed that the audits have increased by 44 %.
Posted by jupil
01 Feb 2008 #4
Yes, you are right. I guess I never expected an audit for my EB3 case...
Posted by jupil
21 Apr 2008 #5
I'll come back to my beautiful Colombia... I do not need visa over there :))
Posted by hellomms
08 Jun 2008 #6
We are sending the complain letter to Inspector General for the delays in Perm Audit. PLEASE SEND the letter, obtain the template from below:


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