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PERM case: Approved in 345 days (-115 days more than average)
10 Jul 2012
07 Sep 2012
General Audit. Recruitment, signed form, affidavit for fees that employee didn't pay to employer, place of work is different etc
13 Sep 2012
20 Jun 2013
345 days
26 Sep 2012
08 Jul 2013
My 6th year is ending in March 2013. Bit tensed. Any hope for me??? I have been waiting in India since end of March2013. Hoping this week 140 will be filed in premium processing.

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Posted by DoneWaiting
28 Sep 2012 #1
Hi - You should be good. You can file for an year long extension if you dont receive the response from DOL by end of your 6th year. (Dont worry about the 365 days prior thing becuase i myself got an year long earlier when my labor was pending with DOL and was not filed with in 365 days range - Attorney should be competitive to substantiate your case) On the other hand, it is taking 4 months on an average for DOL to respond for audits. File your I-140 in premium and you should be good for another 3yrs or file an year long extension with certified labor and move on. Hope this helps. Good luck :)

Quick question - Do you know how your attorney responded to the question about different place of work?
Posted by Kraj123
15 Dec 2012 #2
Hi ,

Waitforcard, without PERM approval, is it possible to apply for I-140. It is interesting to nore that, you got H1 externed when labor was pending , and it was not filed with in 365 days range.
Posted by iamaudited
31 Dec 2012 #3
I think what waitforcard ment is that to file i140 in premium after the labor is approved.
Posted by GVSR
01 Feb 2013 #4
waitforcard - This is a news to me..Thank you very much for the info. Who is your attorney? looks like he presented your case so nicely..Can you pls provide your attorney details..Thanks..
Posted by iamaudited
23 Jun 2013 #5
So did you apply for extension, did you get it? What is your current status now?

Thanks in advance.
Posted by iamaudited
08 Jul 2013 #6
Cool, good to see it getting approved :)
Posted by Saba83rish
09 Jul 2013 #7
@waitforcard could you mail me your contact info at [email protected].
I am in a similar boat and my company is not aware of such a things as attorney representation.
Any help is appreciated.

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