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PERM case: Approved in 313 days (-83 days more than average)
07 Jun 2012
08 Aug 2012
Random Audit
23 Aug 2012
16 Apr 2013
313 days
16 Nov 2012
16 Apr 2013
Finally got email from my lawyer saying my PERM is approved. Approval date mentioned 04/11/2013 in the docs. All the best guys.

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Posted by navv
18 Jan 2013 #1
Hi Sriakr,

Any update on your case?
Posted by srikar
18 Jan 2013 #2
Nope, looks like last week of may2012 going on. Am expecting something in next couple of weeks. Will update as soon as i hear some thing
Posted by herohiralal
16 Apr 2013 #3
Are you a cognizant employee ?
Posted by srikar
16 Apr 2013 #4
Fortunately am not CTS employee :)
Posted by kotiguddeti
16 Apr 2013 #5
Congrats Mama
Posted by sjsb
17 Apr 2013 #6
Can you please provide us your employer alphabetical letter starts with? Because, we guess the PERM system picks and assigns files to officers based on employer's name sorting order with in the monthly targets? It will helps us to estimate approx time line.
Posted by srikar
17 Apr 2013 #7
@sjsb, my employer name starts with S

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