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PERM case: Approved in 245 days (-14 days more than average)
25 May 2012
25 Jul 2012
Routine audiit it was bat employer paying for the process
19 Aug 2012
25 Jan 2013
245 days
02 Jan 2013
26 Jan 2013
Thank God ..its approved but still no out of the water need to get the approval notice , hve to file I-140 that should also get approved , as I am running very close to end of my h1b .

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Posted by iamaudited
02 Jan 2013 #1
Mail your local senetor to push the case a bit.
Posted by kumaradm
02 Jan 2013 #2
does it Works ?
Posted by iamaudited
02 Jan 2013 #3
It can, I have read other people doing it. There is nothing to lose.
Posted by iamaudited
02 Jan 2013 #4
Btw, I think your case is tight, you might get the approval before feb end.
Posted by kumaradm
16 Jan 2013 #5
any updates guys ?
Posted by iamaudited
26 Jan 2013 #6
congrats! do the I140 in PP
Posted by iamaudited
26 Jan 2013 #7
Sorry for spam... please sign this petition if it makes sense to you.
Allow H1B approved cases to get Visa stamped in US http://wh.gov/PXjy
Posted by gcssp
26 Jan 2013 #8
You are safe!! Once Labor is approved you can get 1 year extension. Try to apply I-140 in Premium, so that you can apply for 3 yr extension.

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