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PERM case: Approved in 218 days (13 days less than average)
20 Mar 2013
24 Oct 2013
218 days
28 Jan 2013
31 Oct 2013
Got confirmation from Attorney that DOL site indicates my PERM is certified. Received certified PERM on 10/30 at Attorney's office.

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Posted by peterpan007
05 Jun 2013 #1
Hi am7682 .. any updates?
Posted by somberi
12 Jun 2013 #2
hi am, how did you find out the A# for tracking the perm case?
Posted by peterpan007
12 Jun 2013 #3
@somberi , you have to ask your attorney for A#
Posted by jaggies
28 Jun 2013 #4
Any updates on your case?
Posted by jaimatha
25 Oct 2013 #5
What is your A#? 130xx?
Posted by PDMay2013
25 Oct 2013 #6
This one is spam. Look ath the Case added to the tracker date. Its added on Jan 28th with a March 20th PD.
Posted by am7682
25 Oct 2013 #7
Good catch. So, I add explanation - believe if you want to believe
The case I added was for another labor filed on 1/18 (hence case was added Jan 28th). However, I never joined that company and my current company later files PERM on 3/20. I do not have the A# cause the company does not share and it seems DOL site is down and I can't find that information as well.
Posted by jaimatha
25 Oct 2013 #8
I hope there are more sane people at least on this site who would not think of doing a prank to a get kick out of it.
Posted by PDMay2013
25 Oct 2013 #9
Thanks for the explanation am7682. That helps!
Posted by Skyfal
25 Oct 2013 #10
Hope its not a prank as our lifes are connected to this tracker...we all go there so many times just to see the movement on cases. All Humble request if it is let us know so we do not build hopes that ours will be next!
Posted by am7682
25 Oct 2013 #11
Guys - not a prank. I see the status of certified on our attorney's website. If iCert was up and running - we could all have verified it. I have gone through the same feelings and I won't prank about this.
Posted by Skyfal
25 Oct 2013 #12
Ok we trust you am7682..:) Congrats
Posted by SanjayReddy
25 Oct 2013 #13
I got approved today , I am not making pranks.... i doubt anyone else will...my PD 03/15, looks like everyone is getting approvals ....
Posted by shuvp
27 Oct 2013 #14
Congrats !!! FTE or IT Consultant ?
Posted by SanjayReddy
27 Oct 2013 #15
Full time Employee, that's i am in EB3
Posted by am7682
29 Oct 2013 #16
30 Oct 2013 #17
Congrats. Can you help me. I have only T# (T-13082), but my HR informed me my PD date is April 16th, 2013 (the date when my perm application filed). Is that correct ? Is T# and A# are different?
Does DOL goes by A# or by PD?
Posted by am7682
01 Nov 2013 #18
DOL goes by PD. This is my understanding. A# is for tracking purpose but PD determines if and when you can file for 485.

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