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PERM case: Approved in 227 days (1 days less than average)
01 Apr 2013
14 Nov 2013
227 days
04 Apr 2013
14 Nov 2013
This is only a courtesy email notification that the ETA Form 9089 - Application for Permanent Employment Certification for XXX INC sponsoring XXX for the full time position of xxxx, Applications (case number A-13050 has been reviewed by the Certifying Off

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Posted by vdnc
14 Nov 2013 #1
Congrats !!!, Happy to to See April Approval
Posted by mattsingh04
14 Nov 2013 #2
Congrats.. I have one question. Are the cases really picked by Case Number like A13XXX-XXXXX or PD is the only thing to look for.
Posted by Jaisairam01
14 Nov 2013 #3
Congrat's.....Thanks for updating on Trackitt...
Posted by mattsingh04
14 Nov 2013 #4
If I am correct - Case number is when the application is being drafted. So in your case, they started drafting it on Feb 19, 2013 but actually submitted on April 1, 2013.
So PD is the only thing we should track? (Just confused)
Posted by shuvp
14 Nov 2013 #5
congrats !!! great news ! FTE or IT Consultant ? My PD is also 1st April, hoping to hear some good news.
Posted by rajeb2apr2013
14 Nov 2013 #6
Thank you all. I am a IT consultant.
Posted by rajeb2apr2013
14 Nov 2013 #7
@Mattsingh04: Yes my case was drafted on 50th day of the year by Attorney, but submitted to DOL on 1st Apr (PD).
Posted by GCjourney9
14 Nov 2013 #8
Nice, Congrats
Posted by javaupp
14 Nov 2013 #9
Posted by leosen2215
14 Nov 2013 #10
Congrats..hoping for april cases being approved..my PD is apr 18....
Posted by allovera2
03 Dec 2013 #11
Congrats! Have you received the original Labor Certification document for DOL? I wonder how long it takes to get it after the courtesy approval email is received.
Posted by bostonismyhome
03 Dec 2013 #12
For me, I got the papers on the 10th working day after my PERM was approved...
Posted by rajeb2apr2013
03 Dec 2013 #13
Yes my attorney received the papers on 18th Nov. (Case was approved on 14th Nov)
Posted by allovera2
03 Dec 2013 #14
Thanks ohmysweetgc and rajeb2apr2013

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