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PERM case: Approved in 223 days (8 days less than average)
13 Mar 2013
22 Oct 2013
223 days
16 Apr 2013
22 Oct 2013
HR received a mail today that the Labor will be Certified. A-13071-XXXXX filed on March 13th. Ours is a consulting company based outta NJ. My H1 was expiring on November 5th, excellent news this morning. Wishing you all the very best for others here.

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Posted by Saba83rish
29 Sep 2013 #1
A-13071-XXXXX filed on March 13th and waiting anxiously.
Posted by sama108
30 Sep 2013 #2
hey did attorney tell you filling date was 3.13 ..i also have same 13071 number ..they sent a mail on 12th saying its filed and later they said priorty date is march 13 ..
Posted by Saba83rish
30 Sep 2013 #3
Yea, HR told me the date is 13th as its filed on 13th. Waiting anxiously after that, good luck to you!!
Posted by sama108
01 Oct 2013 #4
I am seeing a lot of 13071 getting pproved today in site ..Do you have any update ?
Posted by Saba83rish
01 Oct 2013 #5
No dear..nothing so far. Devastated in the morning..my H1 expires on Nov 5th.
Posted by sama108
01 Oct 2013 #6
hooo ..mine is in Jan I was thinking I am in a bad situation but I can totally understand how it is for you :-( ...I was expecting it to be today or max by wednesday and then this shutdown ...i dont know wat to do or say
Posted by sama108
01 Oct 2013 #7
I did confirm with attroney now they has stopped processing PERM :-( ..No mail, no questions will be answered it seems
Posted by mbangladeshi
08 Oct 2013 #8
Have you heard anything from your attorney? I see icert website is down now before it was showing suspended due to shutdown
Posted by sama108
18 Oct 2013 #9
hey DOl is opened now ...hopefulyy we will know result in 1-2 weeks
Posted by suman1000
22 Oct 2013 #10
To anju543,

what do you mean by "they has stopped processing PERM"? when did that happened and why? they just reopened after shout down. are you sure?
Posted by suman1000
22 Oct 2013 #11
ignore my previous post :)
Posted by sama108
23 Oct 2013 #12
congrats :)
Posted by shuvp
23 Oct 2013 #13
congrats !!!
Posted by sama108
23 Oct 2013 #14
would you mind sharing your Job title ?I am still waiitng no updates is what attroney told :(
Posted by am7682
25 Oct 2013 #15
Can you please let me know if you received actual certified copy from DOL. Wondering how long does it take from once DOL site says certified and Attorney getting PERM certified copy so that they can file 140. Thanks.
Posted by sama108
13 Nov 2013 #16
hey did you get ur h1 extended?

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