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PERM case: Approved in 77 days (151 days less than average)
20 Jan 2010
07 Apr 2010
77 days
30 Nov -0001
29 Feb 2012

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Posted by kabphx
03 Apr 2008 #1
So far nothing specifically.. Just wait and see approach.. As per the trend the Atlanta Processing center is processing Oct-end cases for audit so hopefully it will be soon that we get ours reviewed. Wait and see.. Best of luck to you and me.
Posted by GCEternity
26 Apr 2008 #2
lawyer has mentioned that it is taking about 8-9 months for audit cases
Posted by hellomms
01 May 2008 #3
I am trying to gather everyone who is waiting on the Audit response in one place, please see my message below..

ALL OF YOU who are WAITING on the Audit response.....

PLEASE follow the link below and add your case:


1) When did you file PERM
2) When did you reply or How long have you been waiting.

To those of you who don't know IV, please visit www.immigrationvoice.org and see for yourself how much work have they done to improve the immigration system. I have asked the people there to help us escalate the issue of Audits which we are all in. We need to bring all of the people who are waiting on the Audit in one place!!!


Posted by visagcinfo
23 Oct 2009 #4
Sorry to hear.
Do you know the reason for denial? Have you had a chance to look at the letter from DOL?
What job title is the application for?
Posted by GCEternity
23 Oct 2009 #5
yes, i did see the denial and the audit response letter filed by my lawyer. The job posting was for senior software engineers.

they denied because the internal job posting did not have the company name and job location.

Lawyer is going to file a motion to reopen since this was an internal posting and there were 2 postings, one which had and one which did not.
Posted by changgull
23 Oct 2009 #6
Sounds like DOL is denying audited cases for whatever nitpicking reasons because they have to prove that they had reason to select so many audited cases.

Audited for business necessity and denied for other reason; sounds very illogical.
Posted by visagcinfo
23 Oct 2009 #7
My attorney said the DOL is supposed to have asked and given an opportunity for the employer to provide additional documentation they were looking for, before denying the case.
If I appeal now, no matter whatever the basis is, it is going to take 2 more years for a result.
Posted by visagcinfo
09 Nov 2009 #8
When you get any updates, pls post it. I will do the same!
Posted by abuff
18 Nov 2009 #9
I have quite a few questions - wanted to understand various scenarios that might happen in my case:
if one is denied in 6th year - can one apply for extension?
If one applies for 7th year extension - and gets denied - does the extension go through?
If 7th year extension is granted - and then gets denied - does the entension stay or is nullified?
Please do let me know.

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