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PERM case:
29 Apr 2013
26 Dec 2013
Audit Received - The email arrived 01/08 but the letter they sent is dated 12/26 - Asking for recruitment process and details of advertisements.
03 Jan 2014
07 Oct 2014
526 days
10 Jun 2013
07 Oct 2014
hoping for the best. 10/07/2014: Received notice from DOL stating the case has been denied. gave three reasons. The audit was not addressed to the correct officer, the evidence provided for recruitment process was not enough, the salary advertised was

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Posted by lahoriya
07 Nov 2013 #1
Still waiting bro?
Posted by Perm0429
07 Nov 2013 #2
yeah bro! - just stuck in the wheel of wait. I just hope the wait eventually ends with an approval and not a darn audit. inshAllah.

Good luck with I485 -- I have been looking at your case to gauge time how long it might take to get GC. I plan to file premium the next steps.
Posted by lahoriya
08 Nov 2013 #3
Best of luck - Shutdown really cause delay in PERM approvals. Hope that you will get approved soon
Posted by vsmadhu
09 Oct 2014 #4
Sorry to hear that buddy.
Did you check the status of your A number in dolstats.com ? id don't know your A number do a advanced search based on your company name.
Posted by explorewave
11 Mar 2015 #5
Did you apply for reconsideration? Please let me know the current status of application. I got a denial for one of the similar reason stated above.
Posted by explorewave
13 May 2015 #6
hi-can you please provide us an update on your case?

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