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PERM case: Approved in 232 days (-2 days more than average)
25 Apr 2013
13 Dec 2013
232 days
25 Jun 2013
21 Dec 2013
Long wait is done.My employer called me and informed that Labor is approved.

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Posted by Waitinpain
01 Aug 2013 #1
Hi Friends,

I just came across this petition on the White House website that petitions the Obama administration to decrease the processing time of PERM applications.
Please go ahead and sign this petition to support it and forward it to your friends as well. Also please copy and paste this in as many related forums as possible.


God Bless
Posted by derek1ee
16 Dec 2013 #2
were you really being audited?
Posted by Samsung822
21 Dec 2013 #3
No Sorry--- I didnt get audited...Direct approval
Posted by satperm
21 Dec 2013 #4
are you a FTE or a IT consultant?
Posted by Samsung822
23 Dec 2013 #5
IT Consultant.
Posted by satperm
23 Dec 2013 #6

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