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PERM case: Approved in 220 days (11 days less than average)
18 Mar 2013
24 Oct 2013
220 days
26 Jun 2013
24 Oct 2013
God Bless America...but this time pls start with me :-)))) Got email from HR for the Perm approval. All the best guys...Praying for everyone for the best.

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Posted by FedUpAgain
18 Sep 2013 #1
Still Waiting...I hope the result is positive, even if I hv to wait additional few weeks !!
Posted by USAIsGreat
24 Oct 2013 #2
Congrats ! God really blessed you first :) 3/18 PD here waiting
Posted by shuvp
24 Oct 2013 #3
congrats !!! FTE or IT Consultant ?
Posted by jaimatha
24 Oct 2013 #4
Posted by Skyfal
24 Oct 2013 #5
Congrats..good to see it moving quickly now..03/18 good progress
Posted by H1Btracking
24 Oct 2013 #6
Congrats. What is your case number A-130XX? (is it 72 or 73)
Posted by swakanchar
24 Oct 2013 #7
hi..my A is A13105-xxxx but my employer sent email on march 21st 2013 with PD march 21st. i do see all PD of march are in 70's. Is it possible to have A13105 in march?
Posted by swakanchar
24 Oct 2013 #8
ignore my comment...its actually A13015-xxxxx they made a mistake in email...thanks
Posted by FedUpAgain
25 Oct 2013 #9
FTE and case# A-13071-xxxxx
Posted by vadlamani
28 Oct 2013 #10
Hi swakanchar
A13105 means April 15 2013
30 Oct 2013 #11
Congrats. Can you help me. I have only T# (T-13082), but my HR informed me my PD date is April 16th, 2013 (the date when my perm application filed). Is that correct ? Is T# and A# are different?
Does DOL goes by A# or by PD?
Posted by vadlamani
30 Oct 2013 #12
13082 means march 23 ( your application Open date by your Lawyer on Online) but actual Submission date April 16th ,2013
i didn't know about T# and i never saw in ICERT site starting with T#
Posted by mbangladeshi
06 Nov 2013 #13
Have you received labor certification via email?
Posted by FedUpAgain
06 Nov 2013 #14
mbangladeshi -
Hi ...email received on 24-Oct and the document was received on 30th. Hope it helps...!
Posted by mbangladeshi
06 Nov 2013 #15
Yes.. But I received email back on Oct 21st and haven't received the document yet. Was the document mailed to you or to your employer or attorney?

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