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PERM case: Approved in 228 days (1 days less than average)
05 Apr 2013
19 Nov 2013
228 days
16 Jul 2013
19 Nov 2013
Just received email that finally my PERM is approved. A-13042-xxxxx is my case number.

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Posted by nvekariya
19 Nov 2013 #1
congrates..I am still waiting and my PD is April 4..I m surprised that 4/5 case going ahead and still pending for 4/4...
Posted by KeepingSecret
19 Nov 2013 #2
Mine is on 04/05 but the case id is starting with A-13095 (indicating 95th day on 2013) .. not sure how dhootkj's case id starts with A-13042 !!
Posted by VeraPerm
19 Nov 2013 #3
congrats ...

it is working now .. guess approving one my one .... just hang on guys ...
Posted by chriswills425
19 Nov 2013 #4
congrats, i'm sure its a great feeling ,4/17
Posted by mthakershi
19 Nov 2013 #5
Is that how the number works? Mine starts with A-12284 and the priority date is 5/10/2013.
Posted by KeepingSecret
19 Nov 2013 #6
I read that somewhere .. my case number is matching with that logic.
As per the logic, yous case indicates that you filed the case on 284th day of year 2012 .. not sure how the priority date became 05/10/13 !
Me too confused !
Posted by sb010877
19 Nov 2013 #7
I read some hwere that the number refers to the day the application was started.
Posted by ENVY0325
19 Nov 2013 #8
Case number is when they started processing your application, it really doesn't matter.. but the criteria is based on Priority date...
Posted by pd13110
20 Nov 2013 #9
@KeepingSecret, your PERM application would have been started on the 284th day of 2012, but was actually submitted on 5/10. A number is always the date when the application is started, but the application processing happens based on PD.
Posted by Trackitt77
21 Nov 2013 #10
Even i am also april/4 my case id A-13093

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