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PERM case: Pending for 3476 days (-3248 days more than average)
01 Feb 2013
25 Jul 2013
It seems a random audit... resume of applicant, declaration that employer pays all the expense, ETA signature and recruitment report.
14 Aug 2013
3421 days
18 Jul 2013
08 Jul 2014
denied...so unfortunate... lawyer did a mess.... anybody knows how long to wait for request to review to BACLA... i have given only 30 days to reply....

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Posted by hushmybaby
29 Jul 2013 #1
Did you get any decision yet ?
Posted by jade19
29 Jul 2013 #2
not yet how about you
Posted by hushmybaby
29 Jul 2013 #3
nope. Finger crossed.

And guess what, my lawyer is having summer vacation in Europe.
Strange world!!!
Posted by jade19
29 Jul 2013 #4
what is you PD?
Posted by aslekim
01 Aug 2013 #5
any news on your case?
Posted by jade19
01 Aug 2013 #6
Am so so sad got an audit
Posted by aslekim
01 Aug 2013 #7
sorry to hear that. Hope everything will be resolved soon... Can you please update the case to say you got an audit
Posted by greenlady
01 Apr 2014 #8
Any news from your lawyer? How's the speed going to be
Posted by jade19
01 Apr 2014 #9
hi @greenlady..... my PD is 02/13.. and now they're still processing 12/12..... no news yet.....
09 Jul 2014 #10

this is horrible, I personally have gone through this path not one but twice ! I am really sorry, its hard luck have your plan B ready, I can share my experiences - one of them is to change your employer if possible. because applying from the same employer is presenting yourself as a audit target again - this is soley my personal experience so please take advise from your attorney based on your denial reason.

my second PD was 05/02/2014 and we filed MTR after the denial of the audit review and the process took one month.

The MTR is current so you will recieve an answer in about a month's time. what really matters is the reason for denial !

in my case my second PERM was denied due to not have the alternative requirements (bachelors +5 years) in the sunday newspaper and the internet job site, it was only in teh company posting site.

there is no way DOL will overrule teh denial in a case like that.

Could you let me know what is teh reason for your denial ? I have come accross folks very recently in trackitt where teh denial was approved due to error in teh 9089 form in the K section. is your denial teh same if yes then it should be approved based on your attorney's response in MTR !

but these case which I saw in Trackitt were not audited cases.

Posted by jade19
09 Jul 2014 #11
hi @perm3rdtime: do you have email ad so i can email it to you? thanks!
09 Jul 2014 #12
gmail me at the below ID
Posted by dudem20
26 Jul 2014 #13
Can you please update the status to denied in the tracker? Thank you.
Posted by explorewave
11 Mar 2015 #14
HI- Can you please let me know the reason for denial, did you apply reconsideration? Did it go through? Please let me know your email id for further contact. My case recently got denied as well.

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