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PERM case: Approved in 230 days (0 days less than average)
12 Mar 2013
28 Oct 2013
230 days
21 Oct 2013
29 Oct 2013
A13071-***** Any one else has same series? Thank GOD. Finally i got approval. Good luck for others who are waiting and i am praying for you guys.

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Posted by sama108
24 Oct 2013 #1
any update for u ? mine is also A-13071 series
Posted by kmaganti
24 Oct 2013 #2
No update, what processing center you are? mine is Nabraska
Posted by sama108
24 Oct 2013 #3
ohh i thot all perms are georgia DOL
Posted by kmaganti
24 Oct 2013 #4
its filed to Georgia DOL, but looks like these not processing by order we filed. i know people got approval and their series is 13075. What is you file date?
Posted by sama108
24 Oct 2013 #5
March 12th evenng or Mar 13 morning..As attorney told they file either 12 evening or 13th morning max...My job tiitle is System analyst ..Are u IT?
Posted by kmaganti
24 Oct 2013 #6
i am IT and job title is "Software Application Engineer"
Posted by sama108
24 Oct 2013 #7
What else can we do other than waiitng ..i had checked wth hr yesday evening ..Hr mentioned we shud give 1-2 weeks for processing so keeping fingers crossed
Posted by kmaganti
24 Oct 2013 #8
yup. same here, lets cross fingers and pray
Posted by sama108
25 Oct 2013 #9
any update ? i am scared it might go for audit :(
Posted by kmaganti
25 Oct 2013 #10
No update. No need to be scared, audit will normally get with in 60 days from the file date. You should be good. Let pray and cross the fingers.
Posted by sama108
29 Oct 2013 #11
Posted by sama108
09 Nov 2013 #12
hey finally i saw in dolstats tat its approved ...waiting for attorney confirmation

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