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PERM case: Approved in 586 days (-358 days more than average)
23 Sep 2007
Business Necessity. One year over SVP
21 Nov 2007
01 May 2009
586 days
30 Nov -0001
01 May 2009
After almost 600 days, it was approved. I do not know why I am not excited about it at all. Maybe it is because I do not care if I can stay in this country anymore!

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Posted by dobjek
01 May 2009 #1
congrats buddy! :-)
Posted by computerDis
01 May 2009 #2
With both a bachelor's and master's in CS from a reputable US school, 10 years in this country, paying a lot more taxes than most average Americans, a green card should be gift wrapped and presented to me automatically. Yet the ridiculous immigration system here caused me so much grief that I really like to say "Fcuk it". I do not even care.

The good thing is that I never bought a house because of this green card. Everything is in cash and I will take it with me. Bitaches!
Posted by visagcinfo
01 May 2009 #3
Cool it ;-)
Posted by myqydpjwt
01 May 2009 #4
cool! Get cash; pay by credit card!
Posted by Ahmed
01 May 2009 #5
computerDis, I agree with you. I have the exact same case, been here for over 11 years, did BS + Masters and still waiting. Long way to go.
Posted by eugenep
01 May 2009 #6
Anyway congr!!!!

It was worth it!!!!!

Hope meet again on i-140 :D
Posted by AubieWan
01 May 2009 #7

I couldn't say it any better! Maybe one should be like those illegal aliens getting paid undertable, not paying taxes, making a fake marriage to get green card and citizenship, or winning the green card lottery but not being able to even speak english or know how to read and write. Those are the ones who get apprecatiaon, not us, since we play the game by the rules. What an irony!

Anyway! I know you cannot even enjoy this, but hey, you pulled it through!
Posted by computerDis
01 May 2009 #8
I believe most people here are highly educated,talented and play by the rules. And definitely most of you including me are very good legal residents in this country from day one. I even pay taxes on everything I buy online. We should be considered as assets that people/countries should compete for. The US is very under populated. What is the problem letting people like us off this damn hook?


Posted by ^^RACIST^^
01 May 2009 #9
That's a part of a problem. They want to protect "american" jobs by following protectionsim even though it hardly matters whether or not this country is under populated.
Posted by dudu66
01 May 2009 #10
understand you completely and got same frustration. REally should think hard why we should stay here since we are treated so unfair.
Posted by computerDis
01 May 2009 #11
Most people with a green card will become Americans too. So there will be no job lose. Most naturalized citizens show more gratitude to the country than those born on the US soils because people born here take everything for granted
Posted by ^^RACIST^^
01 May 2009 #12
You're right and those born on U.S soils are oblivious to understand that noone took their jobs at the first place. Its quite hysterical when the new administration start going after H1B's and other legal non immigrant people in this country this years by blaming that they are taking "american" jobs. Somone should first let them know that "america" has been a land of immigrants unless you change it's historical definition. No legal non immigrant asked so called u.s citizens to buy million $$ homes when they couldn't afford to fix its broken toilet sink.
Posted by nattawut
01 May 2009 #13
I hear you. They'd better spend more time and effort on illegal immigrants instead of trying to pick on LC applications.
Posted by justperm
02 May 2009 #14
Congratulations. I know how you feel. I wonder when they will start on audited Oct 2007 cases? My priority date is the end of Oct 2007. I wish I was in your shoes. Lucky you!
Posted by aa2007gc
18 May 2009 #15

Did you send any inquiry letter through your employer or attorney after the audit notice response?

I meant, after the audit notice response what we can do other than waiting...

My PD is 14th Septermber 2007, I am still waiting on my LC.



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