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PERM case:
09 Oct 2012
03 Jan 2013
Random, might be because I'm on OPT and not H1b
16 Jan 2013
30 Dec 2013
447 days
03 Feb 2014
18 Mar 2015

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Posted by lampbreaker
18 Mar 2015 #1
reason for denial?
Posted by Masoume69
06 Dec 2016 #2
Hi Behdad. Congrats on approvals. I am pretty much in the same boat with you. I am applying for PERM on OPT Extension. I would really appreciate it if you could share your experience with me. My major concern is that if my PERM process takes long, can I go to school with pending PERM? Some people say that pending/ approved PERM means immigration intent and the USCIS do not issue i-20 for you. How did you manage to stay in US after OPT expiration? Did you go to H1b status or go went to school?
Posted by dudecool97
18 Dec 2017 #3
Hello my PERM case is pending since february 2017. My Internal ID in the ICERT is filled but i have no update from attorney regarding approval/denial. My case looks like your case. I am guessing my case was denied in October. But we sent an inquiry to DoL and still they havent repliedin like two months. When did DoL give you the information that it was denied?

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