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PERM case: Approved in 158 days (71 days less than average)
31 Jan 2014
08 Jul 2014
158 days
04 Feb 2014
09 Jul 2014

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Posted by Soberascanbe
09 Jul 2014 #1
Got my approval yesterday from the attorney, also checked on icert and the case shows approved.
Posted by opks
09 Jul 2014 #2
Congratulations!!! Can you tell us how did you check the case on iCERT?
Posted by Soberascanbe
09 Jul 2014 #3
https://icert.doleta.gov/index.cfm?event=ehLCJRExternal.dspQuickCertSearch go to this link and in the ETA Case Number put your application number "A-XXXX-XXXX". Select Case Type as PERM and select the posting date range.
Posted by pgk500
09 Jul 2014 #4
How do you select posting date range?
Posted by opks
09 Jul 2014 #5
Thanks for the reply. I did the search and it works. I found that if you leave the date fields empty and try the A-140x (where x is the range fourth digit of your case number) it gives you the results closest to your application (if there are any). My case number is A-14038-xxxxx (feb-7) and I searched A-1403 and it gave me all the results for A-14030 and A-14031 that are available as of today. I hope others will find this way more useful. Good luck to you all!
Posted by Yarragg
09 Jul 2014 #6
Congratulations. I'm trying to find the status of the PERM. what is the NAICS code you choose ?
Posted by suraw
09 Jul 2014 #7
Thank you anand1280. Your suggestion worked for me. Although I didn't find my case number yet, but now at least I can have an idea when it will be processed. My case number is A-1404xxxxxx (Feb 26) and it is not processes yet. However, I see a few cases that starts with A-140xxxxxxx already been processed which means we are almost there hopefully soon.
Posted by Alld
11 Jul 2014 #8
I went to https://icert.doleta.gov/index.cfm?event=ehLCJRExternal.dspQuickCertSearch & in the case # typed A-14010(mine) but the search is not picking up any results. I also tried the one tried by anand1280. Please help me locate my case.
Posted by Soberascanbe
11 Jul 2014 #9
Alld there are 24 cases that have been approved in July for A-14010, so please check the CASE TYPE and the POSTING DATE RANGE.
Posted by opks
14 Jul 2014 #10
@Alld, Did you try leaving the date field empty?? Sometimes I've found use of the date field a little confusing (I'm sure others are ok with using this feature, but to me, it's just one more filter and one more thing that could go wrong).

It sounds like your PD is 10th Jan. I would enter "A-1401" in the case number field, select the case type as PERM and leave the "from and to date" fields empty. Everything else should be empty or no other selection needs to be made. If you see your case number in the results, great. If you dont, they still haven't processed your application yet. Keep searching this everyday. Good luck!
Posted by Alld
14 Jul 2014 #11
@anand - Thank you for the detail explanation. It works!
My date is Jan 28th but have not heard anything yet. How do you determine the PD date when my A # 14010? Would you know what time of the day does the website(DOL) gets updated?

Posted by opks
14 Jul 2014 #12
@Alld -
A-14010 means that your lawyer started the draft on Jan. 10th, 2014. But it doesn't mean that (s)he finished it the same day. Although most lawyers might finish it the same day, it is safe to assume that they submitted the application by the end of that week. So, a PD would be most likely Jan. 10 plus 2-3 days. I would keep looking out for Jan. 10-17 for that matter. Refer to this link for additional info on A-numbers and PD relation.

From what I know, the DOL/iCERT database gets updated at midnight... so the best way to get the latest updates is when you get up in the morning everyday... not the best way to start your day until that one day when you see the approval (of course you can chose any other time of day, but only once a day is enough).
Posted by Soberascanbe
14 Jul 2014 #13
@Alld & anand1280-

A-14010 means the application was started/completed on January 10th, ask the attorney for the PD date. For me the application no. was A-14015 but my PD is Jan 31st.
Posted by opks
14 Jul 2014 #14
@coolcusp, I agree with you. The PD can be different from the date one derives from the A#. It looks like your lawyer took some time to finish/submit your application after he created it.
Posted by Alld
15 Jul 2014 #15
@ anand1280 & coolcusp - my PD is Jan 28(confirmed with the lawyer). I can see from the search that PD dates after Jan 28 have been cleared. Is there a pattern of how the PD'S get approved.
Posted by opks
15 Jul 2014 #16
no pattern is set in stone... although it looks like they "pick up the file" on a first come first served basis. There is by no means a guarantee that the "file" will be reviewed and approved in that same fashion. Some cases take longer to review and some don't. That is why you see a lot of cases from January first half being approved when there are some Feb first week approved as well. I think your case is being reviewed right now and you should expect a decision in next 2-3 weeks. Good luck my friend!
Posted by opks
16 Jul 2014 #17
Guys, my PERM was approved yesterday (158 days). Checked it on iCERT and got an email from the lawyer last night. Lawyer said if will take 7-10 business days to get the paper copy in the mail. On to hte next level now. Good luck to all of you!
Posted by Soberascanbe
16 Jul 2014 #18
Congrats anand1280
Posted by Alld
16 Jul 2014 #19
Congrats Anand!
Your PD was from Feb?
Posted by manish123
18 Jul 2014 #20
Did you get the paper copy of your PERM? How long does it take to get the paper copy?
Posted by opks
21 Jul 2014 #21
Thanks Coolcusp, Alld, and Manish. My application was started and submitted on feb. 7th (so, A# shows A-14038). The lawyer said that it takes about 7-10 business days to receive the approval notice in the mail. That means I should receive it by this weekend or early next week. Good luck to you guys!
Posted by opks
21 Jul 2014 #22
I will let you know when I get the paper copy. See you all in the I-140-forum.
Posted by Soberascanbe
21 Jul 2014 #23
anand1280 I will be getting the copy of my PERM this week, and most probably they will apply for I-140 this week too.
Posted by manish123
21 Jul 2014 #24
Thanks for the info anand. BTW, what is your PD?
Posted by Alld
21 Jul 2014 #25
Please share your views or comments as to why my approval has not come yet, even though the date was Jan 28 with A-14010
I am getting worried so please let me know.
Posted by Soberascanbe
22 Jul 2014 #26
Alld it would be better to get an outlook from the attorney's they deal with these cases on a daily basis.
Posted by opks
22 Jul 2014 #27
@Manish, if you are asking about my ETA-9089 application date, then it was feb. 7, 2014.

However, if you are referring to the "GC- Priority Date", its 5/21/2009. I already have an I-140 approval under EB3 category from my previous employer with a PD of 5/21/2009. My current employer agreed to sponsor GC under EB2 and the lawyer is preparing to file I-140 to port the old PD. So, I will continue to use 5/21/2009 as my priority date for further processing. I am hoping that it becomes current before it retrogresses this November.
Posted by opks
22 Jul 2014 #28
@coolcusp, that is great. I spoke with my lawyer too. They said they will file I-140 as soon as they receive the paper copy... hopefully no later than next week. I'm paying for premium processing.

@Alld, Sometimes it takes time to process applications... dont ask me why. But I think you will hear anything back from them anytime now. Please have patience.
Posted by manish123
22 Jul 2014 #29
Anand, I was interested in ETA-9089 application date. Mine was 2 days earlier than you - Feb 5, 2014
I am also waiting for the paper copy to file I140 in PP. Do let me know once you get your paper copy..
Posted by Alld
22 Jul 2014 #30
@anand - from your mouth to god's ears! Hope to hear the good news! Thanks!
Posted by Alld
22 Jul 2014 #31
If your employer has filed for all his eligible employees, does everyone get approved at the same time?
Posted by opks
24 Jul 2014 #32
Guys, my lawyer sent me an email saying they have received the paper copy (7th business day after the date of approval). They are getting ready prepare I-140 and would file it sometime next week.

Alld, the short answer is not necessarily. It depends on when your case is opened for review and how long it takes the DoL officers to review each case. So, although all those cases went in at the same time, it may take a few days less or more for some approvals than others. Good luck to us all!
Posted by manish123
24 Jul 2014 #33
Congrats Anand. For me, its been around 10 business days since I got my PERM approved but no paper copy yet :(
Hope my lawyer is not missing something..
Posted by Soberascanbe
29 Jul 2014 #34
anand1280 did you get to sign the 9089? Has your attorney filed for the I-140?
Posted by opks
29 Jul 2014 #35
@coolcusp, I signed my ETA-9089 yesterday and sent it to the lawyers with a $1,225 check for premium processing (yes, I'm paying for it since my employer won't pay). Hopefully they will file I-140 by the end of this week.
Posted by Soberascanbe
30 Jul 2014 #36
@anand1280 I am in the same boat except my employer has agreed to do the premium processing, when is your h1b expiring?
Posted by opks
02 Aug 2014 #37
@coolcusp, Lucky you. My 6th yr finishes in Feb. 2015. How about you?
Posted by Soberascanbe
03 Aug 2014 #38
@anand1280 same here, my 6yr finishes in Feb 2015 too. Hope to have the 3 year extension done before that.
Posted by opks
06 Aug 2014 #39
I agree bro. BTW, the lawyers filed the I-140 today. Will see you in the I-140 forum. Good luck to you all!

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