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PERM case: Approved in 154 days (76 days less than average)
28 Feb 2014
01 Aug 2014
154 days
16 May 2014
01 Aug 2014
All the best to you guys!

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Posted by permwait14
01 Aug 2014 #1
Can you share the first 5 digits of ur A#?
Posted by mkd24
01 Aug 2014 #2
Posted by prax14
01 Aug 2014 #3
can some one help me understand the significance of the first 5 digits of the A#, what could be determined comparing it to another case first five A#?
Posted by permwait14
01 Aug 2014 #4
Posted by VipulVGarg
12 Aug 2014 #5
So, I have a question on first 5 digits of the PERM…My first 5 digits are A-14073…but, my PERM was submitted on June/06/2014. What is my priority date then is it March or June?
Posted by life2010
13 Aug 2014 #6
Are u planing I140 Premium or regular?

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