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PERM case: Approved in 438 days (-208 days more than average)
14 Jul 2014
17 Dec 2014
The DOL is requesting copies of the labor market test materials for their review and confirmation that you have not paid any of the costs associated with the PERM filing.
05 Jan 2015
25 Sep 2015
438 days
15 Jul 2014
30 Sep 2015
Approved on 9/25/2015

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Posted by sam123k
25 Sep 2015 #1
Hello Sir,

My Priority date also July 13 th , I have replied to random audit , Did u got any resposne
Posted by permgcs
26 Sep 2015 #2
Hi sam123k ,
My audit response was also sent in 2 weeks of receiving the audit (in Jan 2015), i am yet to hear anything on my PERM.
I believe the current dates are June, we probably need to wait 1 more month, good luck :)
Posted by permgcs
30 Sep 2015 #3
It got approved on 9/29/2015.
Posted by arks
30 Sep 2015 #4
Congrats Permgcs...
One question..
The Audit review date posted on the DOL website is the priority date or the month the audit was sent?
Posted by permgcs
30 Sep 2015 #5
Priority date is :14 Jul 2014
Audit Received Date is: 17 Dec 2014
Audit replied Date is: 5 Jan 2015
Approval Date is : 9/25/2015.
Posted by sam1234k
30 Sep 2015 #6
Did your HR send the email or Did you checked on dolstas?
Posted by permgcs
30 Sep 2015 #7
i checked in doleta and confirmed with attorney, they are yet to receive the copy
Posted by sam1234k
30 Sep 2015 #8
How did u checked in doleta, Do you got any case ID
Posted by permgcs
30 Sep 2015 #9

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