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PERM case:
21 Oct 2007
01 Dec 2007
Business Necessity
02 Jan 2008
07 Oct 2009
717 days
30 Nov -0001
12 Sep 2011
Business Necessity Audit

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Posted by prgc1
12 Nov 2010 #1
Hi there, Is your case still pending, Dol is processing August 2008 audit cases now
Posted by gummybear
12 Nov 2010 #2
Yes it is
Posted by Leo357
12 Nov 2010 #3
Is your employer name starts with M and ends with S? New Jersey based?
Posted by gummybear
12 Nov 2010 #4
It is New Jersey based, but not the one you checking about. Is your app stuck too?
Posted by Leo357
12 Nov 2010 #5
Yes It is, My PD is Nov 2007 and my audit was "Work Product Sample"
Posted by gummybear
12 Nov 2010 #6
It is frustrating, but all we can do is wait and watch.
Posted by usrcdedo
09 Jan 2012 #7
Gummy Bear,
Did you apply for a second perm from the same employer ? My Perm got denied for the same reason as the attorney forgot to mention the
travel req on 9089 form and all the ad's had the travel req.

BTW, what happened to your ROR ?

Posted by gummybear
13 Jul 2012 #8
@gimmeperm I did apply for 2nd perm thru the same employer, which (not surprisingly) was audited for the same reason as your's, and subsequently denied. As with my 1st perm (now denied), this one is sitting in the queue at BALCA.

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