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PERM case: Approved in 494 days (-264 days more than average)
25 May 2007
16 Nov 2007
30 Sep 2008
494 days
30 Nov -0001
26 Jan 2009
Finally My Labor got certified today after long wait with TWO Audits. ALL the very best folks. **** SECOND AUDIT On 19-SEP-08 FIRST AUDIT on 18-OCT-2007 ****

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Posted by beyond9months
15 Aug 2008 #1
Any udate..looks like DOL picking up Pending May cases. Are you Fargomen Client? If you don't mind.
Posted by kondetisree
19 Aug 2008 #2
NO updates from my lawyer. I am not from Fargomen client...

today(19th Aug) i have seen one case is certified which is simillar to me. Hoping for the best.
Posted by amirani
02 Sep 2008 #3
u shd get reply from DOL by now...did u check with your employer?
Posted by kondetisree
12 Sep 2008 #4
I just got a reply from my Lawyer as I have got The Fragomen audit

The Fragomen audit refers to a massive investigation that the DOL is doing for all PERM labor cert cases filed by the Fragomen law firm. DOL is concerned that the attorneys filing those cases may have been improperly involved in reviewing resumes received as part of the recruitment process.

In any event, we responded to the audit 11/16/2007. We should hear something shortly & we'll continue to keep you posted.
Posted by kondetisree
12 Sep 2008 #5
dear beyond9months,

Earlier I didnt know that mine is also -- The Fragomen audit

As my law firm is other one, I thought I do not have any connection with The Fragomen. But looks like they had tie up with them or something else still I do not know.

Keep my fingers crossed now.
Posted by kondetisree
19 Sep 2008 #6
I HAVE GOT A ****** SECOND AUDIT **** 09/19/2008

Mail from Law Firm:
Also wanted to let you know that we just rec’d an additional audit request requesting a copy of the prevailing wage request form. We’ve responded to the request, and we’ll continue to keep you posted.
Posted by amirani
23 Sep 2008 #7
second audit.....thts painful...I hope DOL will give priority to this audit and clear it soon....best of luck.
Posted by amirani
30 Sep 2008 #8
congr8s buddy...
Posted by happygilmore
01 Oct 2008 #9
congrats Buddy!!
Once you have said you are fragomen and later you said you are effected by Fragomen Client.
Were you under especial audit...if you are fragomen Client DOUBLE Congratulations...i think
you are the first fragomen audit to be approved in months.
Posted by letstalklc
01 Oct 2008 #10
Congratulations! Very happy to see that your case has certified.

Please clarify - Did your application has filed by Fragomen Law form?

Thanks...good luck for your I 140
Posted by kondetisree
01 Oct 2008 #11
Dear puskeygadha & letstalklc,

Thanks for your comments. Mine is NOT filed by Fragomen. My lawyer confused be that my Labor got effected by Fragomen. So I thought there is connection with Fragomen. Later they confimed that Due to Backlogs from Fragomen firm's Audits, Other cases are getting impacted.

Now for the turn to wait on for my I-140. Good Luck. I wish Labor shouldn't take this long process which happend to me. Hope you guys can get very soon. I was one of the senior most in waiting Queue with around 500 days.
Posted by letstalklc
01 Oct 2008 #12
Thanks a lot for the clarification, Really appreciated.
Even I didnt expect this much longer, but it's taking longer time for me because of stupid Law Firm...hope we all will clear it asap without any problem.

good luck for your next steps.
Posted by happygilmore
01 Oct 2008 #13
thanks kondetisree

the stupid firm has not issued any press release or anything.
may be that are working on getting money from dol..
hope they realize how much pain has been inflicted upon us.
Posted by tradahoo
02 Oct 2008 #14
puskey and letstalklc.....my case is filed by fragomen as well....what we can do? sending another letter to congress?

btw....congrats kondetisree...

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