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PERM case:
05 Sep 2014
05 Mar 2015
Random Audit. Required Business Necessity Justification and needed to prove employer is financially sponsoring the process.
30 Mar 2015
21 Dec 2015
472 days
11 Nov 2014
29 Dec 2015
Denied due to some issues with recruitment process.

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Posted by rlakshman
10 Feb 2015 #1
Hi When did your employer submitted the PERM form.
Posted by MockingBird
10 Feb 2015 #2
05-Sep-2014. When I see perm checker, I see a good number of approvals received. Mine is not so I am worried :-(
Posted by adiank
26 Feb 2015 #3
Did your case get approved?
Posted by rocsci
06 Mar 2015 #4
Did you get to know the reason for audit?
Posted by Matrix007
23 Sep 2015 #5
Any update ? Mine date PD is 5th SEP 2014 and am still waiting for approval too.

Audit Cases= June 2014 as of 08/31/2015.
Dates have moved fast. So am expecting approvals for SEP cases too.
Posted by rocsci
24 Sep 2015 #6
Hi Matrix007, when they say Audit Cases = June 2014, do you know if they mean the audit received/submitted date is June 2014 or PD is June 2014. I'm not clear on that.
Posted by Matrix007
24 Sep 2015 #7
Hi rocsci,

i believe its the PD which is JUNE 2014 and not when the audit has been replied on.
Posted by Matrix007
22 Oct 2015 #8
Hi GCHolderby2025,

Any update on your status ? Mine PD is 5th SEP 2014 too but case # A-14216-**** which makes the case date as 4th AUG. Perm checker confuses me as i see approval by case date which varies from May 2014 till JAN 2015 and then March and APril 2015.

Shouldnt they be approving only AUG 2014 PD for audits and not DEC 2014.. which is such a wide range.
Posted by MockingBird
22 Oct 2015 #9
Hi Matrix007,

I don't have any update on my case. I will post when I receive an update (if any). Your questions are totally valid but I am trying to figure out the answers to those too.

Good Luck....
Posted by MockingBird
17 Nov 2015 #10
Hello Matrix007,

Seems like some Sep-2014 cases are getting approvals. Did you get any luck?
Posted by Matrix007
17 Nov 2015 #11
Hi GCHolderby2025,

No luck so far :(..

still waiting.

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