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PERM case: Approved in 989 days (-761 days more than average)
19 Aug 2008
06 Apr 2009
Frgomen, denied in feb2011, reconsideration requested two months before, approved on 05/05/11. Thank God!
20 Apr 2009
05 May 2011
989 days
30 Nov -0001
05 May 2011
Frgomen, denied in feb2011, reconsideration requested two months before, approved on05/05/11

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Posted by waiting4gc2005
31 Oct 2008 #1
Hi mrkkj,

Got a little confused with the NOTE! You guess to get an "Audit", or you expect to get one?

Posted by RKAS
31 Oct 2008 #2
HI Morteza:

Sorry for the unclear NOTE (text). I may get the audit since my attorney is from Fragomen.


Posted by waiting4gc2005
31 Oct 2008 #3
Thanks for answering. Hopefully, you wont get an audit and go straight to vertified PERM :)

By the way, is Fragomen kind of notorious (?) for that; I mean most of the files from Fragomen will get an audit?

Good luck!
Posted by gcFarAway
24 Sep 2010 #4
Hi mrkkj, I have a very close PD and AuditD to yours. Do you have any update on your case? The company's lawyer is telling me that could be another 6 months. So I am looking for people close to my case to see if they know anything...
Posted by RKAS
24 Sep 2010 #5
Hi UnknownHeat,
I am still waiting too. Yes, he is right! Of course I do let you know if I hear anything. Do you know one thing? I have my pending H1B 6th year extension too. See how hard it is? No backup PERM. Wait and see!

Posted by gcFarAway
12 Oct 2010 #6
I talked to a private lawyer and she told me a couple of things about the that we are in extension if we get denied, there is no option but to leave the country (unless you work part-time for somebody and file another PERM in a different city). Also she reassures me that the Prority DAte that you see in the icert website it is related to Audit Date, she said "if you see august 2008, it means all the cases with audit date before August are resolved". I wish somebody from DOL will tell us something...
Posted by gcFarAway
15 Oct 2010 #7
Hi mrkkj,

My lawyer made a mistake, she just sent me an email saying that the PD that is observed in the icert website it is in fact the filling date. Sorry for the confusion...she made me worry.
Posted by gcFarAway
28 Oct 2010 #8
ANy news? I think DOL is going into holiday season (and elections), I am just wondering if people from August 08 are getting a response from DOL before they get into holidays (thanksgiving and all)
Posted by RKAS
28 Oct 2010 #9
Not yet, I am tried with DOL audited case processing attitude. bad luck, what else?
Posted by gcFarAway
25 Dec 2010 #10
I guess you haven't received any news. I guess we are a month or 2 months away for the lawyer to ask DOL. My employer is wondering what's happening, lawyer explained that DOL should give an answer soon...I don't know what is going to happen when lawyer asks...not much information about it, but it seems that fair amount of people are starting to ask (from the amount of people in trackitt that have not updated their cases). I wonder what will happen (if DOL gets upset or what). Is your lawyer going to ask DOL? Good luck and happy holidays! Hopefully we get good news at the beginning of the year.
Posted by gcFarAway
12 Jan 2011 #11
Hi mrkkj, I have no news yet my lawyer got an automated response from DOL....I get the feeling that cases are getting lost.
Posted by RKAS
14 Jan 2011 #12
Hi gcfaraway,
This is what we got from them, eventhough going to touch 900days pending. see what happens.
Thank You for your inquiry to the Atlanta National Processing Center concerning the Permanent Labor Certification Program.

Please be advised, the issue is being researched; a complete response will be forthcoming.

ANPC Permanent Program Help Desk
Posted by gcFarAway
20 Jan 2011 #13
Hi mrkkj,

My second sentence was different:

Please be advised, case... is still in process and official correspondence will be forthcoming

Which means they might have two types of automated response. I have been told that it seems there are a group of people that are in our situation. (my's probably for the volume of people that got caught in the middle of the crisis produced misplacement of piles). So the good thing is that they are gonna look for our cases and the bad news is that it's gonna take a while (don't know how many more months).
Let me know if you hear anything else and I will too.
Posted by gcFarAway
08 Feb 2011 #14

Our situation sucks...probably not as bad as people from march 2008 and (people that don't even update their cases anymore) Now I am debating if I should try to move to another position to do start a refiling. It takes 3 to 4 months to do that in my company, by then it would be summer and my guess is if we get to be in the 1050+ club our chances are is a gamble because if you don't get approve and USCIS catch your case you might get H1b cancelled. Are you discussing this with your employer? Any thoughts on that? I will let you know if I start the new process.
Posted by RKAS
08 Feb 2011 #15
Hi Gcfaraway,
Thanks for the update. I don't have words to express how unluckily we got into the bad situation(DOL audit!!). my employer wants to know about this outcome first, before proceding something else. They may consider filling another one if the time permits(I hope), not sure. Really, now days I am not worried about much since my extension is only upto sep2011(6th Yr), unless i get thro this, i can't get another extension since i did not do any backup plan. I let you know if i hear something hopefully!
Posted by gcFarAway
09 Feb 2011 #16
I have been told that there is a group in DOL that is way behind that the rest...god knows why...we are talking months now my employer will wait for some time to get a response before considering refiling...I hope we don't have to wait a year(we are 5 months behind now) and I hope news is good when it comes.
Posted by RKAS
16 Feb 2011 #17
Hello Gcfaraway,
Mine got denied last week. Appeal in process. institute name was abbrivated in one Ad. DOL?????
Posted by gcFarAway
16 Feb 2011 #18
Sorry to hear about that RKAS. I was afraid the lawyer was right...apparently, we are being checked by a separate team, all the cases that are "old" (left behind) go to this team and we are still under FIFO, the problem is that they are stricter than other cases....I think that typo could be overruled...but just in case, I have talked to other lawyers and something they say is to start the process for another application if you get denied so you can switch PERms.
Posted by gcaspirantmd
04 May 2011 #19

Your priority date is current for Appeals. Did you hear anything? You can ask your employer or attorney to call DOL for status.
Posted by RKAS
06 May 2011 #20
I got yesterday message from my HR. PERM has been approved! Thank God!
Posted by imtracker
17 May 2011 #21
Did you receive your hard copy yet? Mine approved on the same day as yours and still waiting for the hard copy.
Posted by RKAS
17 May 2011 #22
it looks like lastweek my attorney has received. they won't share with me though

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