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PERM case:
United States
11 Sep 2013
08 Apr 2014
Audit Request #1: Please provide the resumes and applications for all U.S. workers who applied for the employer�s job Audit Request #2: Please provide declarations from the employer and the foreign worker regarding payments
02 May 2014
20 Apr 2015
586 days
08 Apr 2015
07 Aug 2015
Request for reconsidered was filed on 27th april 2015

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Posted by leela123
09 May 2015 #1
Received a denial notice on April 20 2015 then a week later my employer has filled a request for reconsideration.
-Employer told me that denial is because of missing part of job description while applying. It sounds suspicious to me that how come CO did not rejected the application in first place before the audit. Did any one faced this kind of case?

- Team, could you also please help me with the below
My Job category comes under "Systems Analyst" with Masters or bachelors with 5 years and my case was filled EB2.
What are the chances of approval with Request for reconsideration?

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