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PERM case:
18 Jul 2008
03 Mar 2009
11 Mar 2009
15 Apr 2011
1001 days
30 Nov -0001
18 Apr 2011
Got an audit (random). Asked to sign ETA-9089.

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Posted by sgsgsg
11 Mar 2009 #1
Sad to hear that you got caught in an audit. May I know your job profile ? Thanks.
Posted by olegi
11 Mar 2009 #2
Software Engineer
Posted by munno
31 Mar 2009 #3
What is ETA 989. Is that something your lawyer missed to sign?
Posted by olegi
31 Mar 2009 #4
ETA-9089 is a LC PERM application form. I signed it at the time of filing, but DOL wants this form with a fresh signature, together with other PERM-related documentation.
Posted by titanic
01 Jun 2009 #5
At the time PERM application submission you are not required to submit a signed copy because it all online. But if case got audited then they need signed copy but it all depends on DOL what they are looking for.
Posted by thakelaGC
02 Sep 2009 #6
My PERM was filed on 7 Aug 09. One day before filing, Fragomen called me and HR rep urgently asking us to send them copy of the 9089 with our original signatures on it. I think Fragomen has amended their procedures to submit the signed 9089 initially itself (or at least I hope so).
Posted by gcFarAway
26 Jan 2011 #7
I am August08. thanks for updating is good to know thhat there are bunch like us, which means in the next AILA meeting there is going to be a disscussion about it...AILA gotta say something

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