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PERM case: Approved in 50 days (179 days less than average)
22 May 2017
11 Jul 2017
50 days
08 Jun 2017
11 Jul 2017

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Posted by tomtomtom
11 Jul 2017 #1
Hi is you number showing up on DOL site?
Posted by mnsgc
11 Jul 2017 #2

No, I couldn't see it online anywhere. My attorney got an email " (case number A-17142-41155) has been reviewed by the Certifying Officer and will be certified."
Posted by tomtomtom
11 Jul 2017 #3
Thank you!
At least we have hope they are processing May cases. I was worried they stopped.
Posted by oceancatch
11 Jul 2017 #4
" (case number A-17142-41155) has been reviewed by the Certifying Officer and will be certified."

Can you confirm your case was actually certified? Not very sure what "will be certified" mean.
Posted by proc
12 Jul 2017 #5
They actually send the email mentioned below

This is only a courtesy email notification that the ETA Form 9089 - Application for Permanent Employment Certification for COMPANY NAME sponsoring NAME for the full time position of ComputerXXXX (case number A-17100-XXXXX) has been reviewed by the Certifying Officer and will be certified.

A formal certification letter will be sent to you and, where applicable, to your authorized agent via U.S. mail. If an agent or attorney is listed in section E of the application, the certified ETA Form 9089 will be sent to the agent or attorney, if no agent or attorney is listed, the certification will be sent to you. Please look for this correspondence during the next few weeks.

Important Notice: This e-mail does not provide evidence of certification for support of the USCIS I-140 or any other form or program. USCIS will deny a petition that uses a copy of this e-mail rather than a certified ETA Form 9089. They will not request a duplicate based upon this e-mail.
Posted by oceancatch
12 Jul 2017 #6
Okay. that means this case has not been approved yet.
Posted by proc
12 Jul 2017 #7
please refer to second para which says 'Please look for this correspondence during the next few weeks'.
Has been reviewed and will be certified means it is certified and they will send the copy shortly.

Posted by mnsgc
12 Jul 2017 #8
I only updated the information for my case based on what my attorney told me. I don't see my case # as approved anywhere else. Then may be its not approved yet., I am hopeful since it said "Will be certified"
Does anyone know what's the timeline from this email to actual hard copy being received?
Posted by proc
12 Jul 2017 #9
MNSGC, the case is approved,my employer got an same email for a colleague of mine 10 days a go a go and received the hard copy yesterday.
I got the email from my employer yesterday(I posted in the earlier post).
Posted by iamkarty
14 Jul 2017 #10
@MNSGC - It Means that case HAS been Approved. This is the email format for all approvals. As proc mentioned, the certified hard copy will be sent in a couple of weeks.
Posted by H4EAD25Sept
25 Sep 2017 #11
Hi, just wanted to know in how many days after knowing the case is approved , did you get the hardcopy?
Posted by mnsgc
25 Sep 2017 #12
It took almost 3 weeks for me to receive it after the approval

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