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PERM case: Approved in 277 days (-46 days more than average)
10 Nov 2017
14 May 2018
14 Aug 2018
277 days
26 Mar 2018
28 Sep 2018
My perm is filed on November 10,2017 did anyone's perm approve in the month of November?

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Posted by cnugemini
10 May 2018 #1
Hi, I have my I 140 approved today, wife has only H4 stamping.
I am planning to apply H1B Extension + H4 extension + new H4 EAD through premium processing.
Please let me know what should be filled in Q 22 of I 765 form? and how long would h4 ead take for approval ?
Posted by db181
24 May 2018 #2
Mine is Vicky Chen.
Posted by swadesh78
20 Jun 2018 #3
Hi, I am still waiting for my interview, in my info pass they say i am ready to be scheduled for interview this is 90 days old news, they always say these every time i go for info pass. I just go every month to check what is status. Very frustrated though. I hope i get interview July.
Posted by afshah
20 Jun 2018 #4
Hello: Are going from TN to Green Card? Thanks,
Posted by Calyan
22 Jun 2018 #5
@ rvisch
Any update on your H1B case, as your case is being represented by Attorney Shah Peerally ?
Posted by MH015
16 Jul 2018 #6

You can find the updated one

Please make a call to uscis about the expiration date on I-765 and I-131 form. Also check with your friends who are at school and applying for I-765 for OPT. This way you can be on the safe side.
Good luck.
Posted by jangojess1981
11 Sep 2018 #7

Did you get your I-485 interview scheduled?
Posted by biltooboss
15 Sep 2018 #8
Received receipt today
Posted by mreddy123
12 Oct 2018 #9

What was your GC interview date?
Posted by Asha28
15 Nov 2018 #10
Hello can I know on what basis you have provided comment saying my case is approved??
Posted by inaQueue2015
23 Jan 2019 #11
My RFE was for Birth Certificate and to submit travel history and Past Status Approvals
Posted by H1BFASAK
15 Feb 2019 #12
@srini.. did your transfer get approved after refilling? What was the process??
Posted by mazerunnerEB
03 Apr 2019 #13
sorry, i saw your note just now.. it is mentioned as "Employment based 1st"
Posted by skumar2k
18 Jun 2019 #14
Can you please share the documents which you shared to USCIS at skumar_2k@yahoo.com if possible
Posted by MnMn
08 Nov 2019 #15
o Mrt123: My Field office was Milwaukee.
My interview was very easy and straight forward. most of them time were chatting as two friends are chatting about their life experiences.
mostly yes and no questions. nothing out of ordinary questions.

Thanks and good luck!

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