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PERM case: Approved in 24 days (206 days less than average)
04 Aug 2006
28 Aug 2006
24 days
30 Nov -0001
28 Aug 2006
2ndrefile MS+2y, finally!!!

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Posted by googler1234
15 Apr 2006 #1
Whats happening with your application? Why has it taken so long?
Posted by pvite
18 Apr 2006 #2
I don't know, it seems that I sent in audit a hardcopy I apparently they have to input the info of the applications and run it through the system....I sent a letter and email, still waiting...
Posted by papabbat
29 Jun 2006 #3
pvite, is your case still pending? Does ur attorney have any recommendations as to what should be done..........please update us.
Posted by pvite
29 Jun 2006 #4
it's still showing "In-Process" after the audit review since 7/05, I sent email on 6/08/06 and responded that still processing......I do not know why so long already 14 months, I just extended my H1b based on 1-year pending LC. I'm about to refile since it seems they are not inputing the corrected form I sent.....
Posted by papabbat
30 Jun 2006 #5
Thanks for the update pvite. Whom did you sent an email to? Are they any good at responding to emails? So when you re-file, do u know if you can retain your PD or will it be having a new PD? Am I correct in assuming that you are thinking this re-filed LC would be processed quicker? Pls update
Posted by pvite
11 Jul 2006 #6
We submitted an email on 7/05/06 with a withdrawal request for my case so we can re-file again, in the argument of withdrawal we stated that we've waited for 15 months with no response and we thouhgt by re-filing with the corrected application we could get faster response. We got a written response via regular mail on 7/10/06 with date 7/07/06 saying that it has not been withrawn and the case will continuoe until closure, I hope it means that they are taking a look at my case for final desicion....!! By the way I got my extension for H1-B for the ramaining time of 7 years and an additional year due to pending LC.(Perm)
Posted by papabbat
11 Jul 2006 #7
Well....pvite. Best of luck man. My heart goes out to you. Waiting from 04/05......and that too in PERM!!! I am not too far behind, waiting from 10/05. "Case will continue until closure" can mean many things to different people. To DOL it might just mean, it will take whatever time it takes and you can't withdraw the case since it is taking toooo long to process.
Posted by pvite
16 Aug 2006 #8
Denied on 7/24/06 due to ads + exp, after an audit and long waiting pending since 4/08/05, it sucks!! a long wait and being denied.
I refiled on 8/04/06, hopping to get approved this time.....
Posted by papabbat
16 Aug 2006 #9
best wishes pvite
Posted by pvite
28 Aug 2006 #10
Finally approved, this second time was quick.....it was the least I could've expected after waiting 18 months.....
Best wishes for everybody I think this process is getting faster....as long one files the application carefully corresponding to the ads..

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