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PERM case: Approved in 112 days (119 days less than average)
10 Mar 2020
30 Jun 2020
112 days
17 Mar 2020
21 Jul 2020
Checked my case on OFLC data, approved in June! :D

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Posted by immiworries
07 Jul 2020 #1
Have you received an approval yet? If so can you please update the tracker?
Posted by priv1t
08 Jul 2020 #2
Not yet - will keep you guys posted!
Posted by creator999
15 Jul 2020 #3

Does your company have external lawyers that handle the case? Asking since it appears that HR was notified and lawyers didnt contact you?
Posted by priv1t
16 Jul 2020 #4
Thank you! Yes we have an attorney work for all our visa applications, etc. We used Fragomen, while they sometimes can be slow..
Posted by creator999
16 Jul 2020 #5

You said you checked your case on OFLC data. Can you share how to do that? Didnt realize we can check our case?
Posted by nyaagg
16 Jul 2020 #6
You can check here
Posted by priv1t
16 Jul 2020 #7
Yes, and it's more from hindsight though - they release data (only processed cases recorded) every quarter; Q1 starting in October, so Apr-Jun is Q3.

You can download the disclosure data and use software like Tableau to filter out the data, etc.
Posted by touch
16 Jul 2020 #8
On what basis they approve cases? I see cases from Dec, Jan and Feb are still pending without an audit. What is the criteria to select a case for review?
Posted by creator999
16 Jul 2020 #9
Interesting, thanks everyone! I checked the data and my case isn't there, so assuming still pending.

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