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PERM case: Approved in 738 days (-508 days more than average)
27 Nov 2007
03 Jan 2008
Business Necessity
29 Jan 2008
04 Dec 2009
738 days
30 Nov -0001
04 Dec 2009
My attorney informed me that my PERM case is marked as certified on DOL's website

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Posted by myUS
07 Dec 2009 #1
Hey shah202,

Congratulations on your approval!!

What was the audit for, and what position/title was the application filed for?

Posted by shah202
08 Dec 2009 #2
Hello myUS,
The position was a Software Development Engineer and the audit was for Business necessity for Masters Degree for the position.
Posted by greenday4us
17 Dec 2009 #3
Hello Shah202

Congratulations !!

May I know how did you ( Your Attorney/Company) replied to the query ?
Posted by shah202
18 Dec 2009 #4
Thanks, my attorney first asked me to write a description of my responsibilities and technical skills and how the advanced computer science courses studied during the pursuit of Masters Degree, made me more suited for the position, nothing special some very obvious benefits but tailored to my position and the kind of products developed by the employer.
More importantly the attorney cited the job advertisement from our competitors for similar positions, which had requirement similar to the requirements for my position. In doing this, the attorney was trying to demonstrate that the requirements were industry standard in our specialty, hence necessary for the business.
Posted by greenday4us
21 Dec 2009 #5
Thank you very much Shah202.

Appreciate your feedback.

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