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PERM case: Approved in 197 days (34 days less than average)
08 Apr 2020
22 Oct 2020
197 days
12 Aug 2020
22 Oct 2020
Finally after long wait I got call from attorney today! my PERM certification received.

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Posted by immiworries
08 Sep 2020 #1
Any updates? Could you update the tracker if you got your perm certified/approved?
Posted by popeyeApr08
08 Sep 2020 #2
still waiting on approval
Posted by immiworries
15 Sep 2020 #3
Did you get an approval?
Posted by popeyeApr08
15 Sep 2020 #4
still waiting on approval, attorney said its still with officer under review.
Posted by GoodOld99
24 Sep 2020 #5
did you get an approval already my friend?
Posted by popeyeApr08
24 Sep 2020 #6
no update yet, still waiting
Posted by GoodOld99
25 Sep 2020 #7
Same boat here man. 04/07 I wonder what's been taking so long :(
Posted by TrackSoundar
28 Sep 2020 #8
Did you get approval?
Posted by popeyeApr08
28 Sep 2020 #9
nope, still waiting on update.
Posted by GoodOld99
29 Sep 2020 #10
I wonder what is happening to these early April cases, I see on the forum and tracker cases for late April are getting approved.
Posted by popeyeApr08
29 Sep 2020 #11
i lost hope of getting approval without audit now, not sure why cases are still in same state.
Posted by GoodOld99
30 Sep 2020 #12
Attorneys checked my case last week and they saw it listed as Analyst Review still, so its not even flagged for audit yet so that gives me hope. I think yesterday or the day before I saw a guy from Spain in this forum getting his PERM approved with PD of 04/10 I think.
Posted by GoodOld99
13 Oct 2020 #13
Any updates on your case man?
Posted by popeyeApr08
13 Oct 2020 #14
nothing yet, I am loosing all hopes now. what about you?
Posted by GoodOld99
13 Oct 2020 #15
Stuck in same state, Analyst Review. I wish I just had a decision wheather approval or audit. This waiting game is unbearable
Posted by GoodOld99
19 Oct 2020 #16
any update my friend on your case?
Posted by popeyeApr08
19 Oct 2020 #17
no update yet, still waiting for some update from DOL
Posted by GoodOld99
19 Oct 2020 #18
Same here, stuck in Analyst Review... I think we are the last few remaining.

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