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PERM case: Approved in 226 days (4 days less than average)
19 Aug 2020
02 Apr 2021
226 days
26 Aug 2020
02 Apr 2021
Finally aproved. I do not have my a-number but the company lettter starts with L.

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Posted by Rocker007
13 Feb 2021 #1
Good work, I've seen that you're getting updates from everybody so that the cases are updated in the tracker.
Hopefully you will get the approval soon. Guess with in 200 days
Posted by Nonser
17 Feb 2021 #2
Thanks!! I am just seeing this.
187 days do far. My PD is August 19th. Hopefully end of this month.
Posted by tonycipero
24 Feb 2021 #3
any luck so far? There was a 8/15 PERM that came back 3 days ago. Consult with your employer, best of luck!!
Posted by Nonser
26 Feb 2021 #4
No. Still waiting. They are working still on July. I think no one got an approval nor audit for August yet. If you are referring to another page then I did not think that genuine l
Posted by tonycipero
26 Feb 2021 #5
Good morning Nonser, you are completely right. I think I got confused reading them. As of today (02/26/21) I don't see any August ones, sadly.
Posted by luck18
02 Mar 2021 #6

Just checking did you get any update ?
Posted by luck18
16 Mar 2021 #7
Any update on your case ?
Posted by Nonser
17 Mar 2021 #8
nope - my pd is August 19th - so I probabl have to wait a few more weeks
Posted by Perm19aug20
30 Mar 2021 #9

Do you have updates on your case ?
Posted by Rocker007
01 Apr 2021 #10
All the best, let us know if you're case is approved.
Posted by Nonser
01 Apr 2021 #11
still not approved - just reached out to my attorney a few minutes ago
Posted by Rocker007
01 Apr 2021 #12
Good luck
Posted by Nonser
01 Apr 2021 #13
no approval - still pending btw
Posted by Godperm
02 Apr 2021 #14
Congratulations! Finally your lucky day arrived.
All the best!
Posted by Nonser
02 Apr 2021 #15
Thank you!!!
Posted by Rocker007
02 Apr 2021 #16
Awesome Nonser, good job. You did excellent work in propelling everyone to keep the tracker updated. Good luck
Posted by dhavalxxxx
02 Apr 2021 #17
Congratulations nonser, loved the way you followed up.
Posted by tupiniquim
03 Apr 2021 #18
Congratulations !
Is there any whatsapp group for people with prio data in AUG/2020 ?
Posted by 81920
03 Apr 2021 #19
Posted by Mitty19
04 Apr 2021 #20
Congratulations :)
Posted by JSAug19
05 Apr 2021 #21

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